8 Best Microgaming Slots list online 2024- Play at W88 India

Here are the 8 Best Microgaming Slots list online that you must try at W88 India today! Play for free or real money using 100% up to ₹250 W88 free credit bonus!

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Slot gaming has always been on of the best online betting games that you can play on sites like W88 India. This is because you get to game on this all-rounder betting site for real money as well as free games from top game room providers in the betting world online. One such provider is Microgaming, a company known for providing top-notch games for casino and slots online. So, here are the 8 best Microgaming slots list online that you should check out today!

1. Couch Potato – 97.43% RTP

First on the list we have Couch Potato, which you can find in the Microgaming section under the W88 slots games for free or real money gameplays.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi couch potato

  • Just like the name suggests, Couch Potato is a chill game with three reels and many ways to hit jackpots.
  • It is often said that 3 reeled slot games are the best to play for beginners, and with the Couch Potato game, you can win easily online.
  • So, create an account in the W88 Register or visit the site and access the demo room to play Couch Potato with an RTP rate of 97.43%!

2. Wild Orient – 97.5% RTP

Wild Orient is the next best Microogaming slot game that you should try online for real money or free as here you get an interesting 5 reeled slot game in a jungle theme.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi wild orient

  • The best part about playing Wild Orient Microgaming slot game is that there are many wold bonuses that  you can hit.
  • Thus, although this slot game is 5 reeled, Wild Orient is one of the best Microgaming slot games for beginners.
  • Wild Orient can be playing on the W88 website for free or real money, and the RTP rate for this game is high which is 97.5% which makes it one of the Best Online Slots with Highest RTP.

3. Break Away: Lucky Wilds – 96.89% RTP

The Break Away slot games is the third best Microgaming slot games on the website however, in this series the Break Away: Lucky Wilds games are fun to play as it has a high RTP rate.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi break away lucky wilds

  • Just like the other W88 Slots above, Break Away: Lucky Wilds comes with its own theme which is Ice Hockey based.
  • This slot game is 5 reeled which contains of one entire column full of lucky wild slots as shown in the picture above.
  • Thus, playing this game is not only fun but also easier to win online especially if you are playing with real money as the RTP rate is 96.89%.

4. Immortal Romance – 96.86% RTP

The next best Microgaming slots game is Immortal Romance which may appeal to both beginner and pro players not only for its high RTP rate but also fo its dark theme.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi immortal romance

  • Immortal Romance is a Microgaming slot game that comes with a dark theme in both, its tune and appearance.
  • This vampire-like slot game is one of the entertaining and as well as beginner friendly game which can help you understand slot games and how the reels work in an entertaining way.
  • So, join W88 and try the game out for free or real money using Slot Tips to get RTP rates of 96.86% which is higher than other slot games you can find online.

5. Bush Telegraph – 96.56% RTP

Next on the list is a fun slot game with a fun theme that can keep you entertained for hours and that is the Bush Telegraph slot game that you can play in the W88 slots section.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi bush telegraph

  • Bush Telefraph is a slot game that comes with a variety of icons in a 5 reeled slot game that you can play under the Microgaming slots section on the W88 website.
  • This slot game is extremely beginner friendly for those learning How to Play Slot Games Online that consists of different icons.
  • To add to this, this online game comes with a high RTP rate of 96.56% which is a reasonable rate for beginners and pros to boost their account wallet.

6. Alchemy Fortunes – 96.41% RTP

The next must-try best Microgaming slot game is Alchemy Fortunes which has 7 reels to play in a simple gameplay and interesting theme for W88 Indian players.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi alchemy fortunes

  • The Alchemy Fortunes slot game comes with 7 reels containing of different kind of gems and bonus icons in a Magic based theme.
  • Moreover, the RTP rate of this Microgaming slot game is 96.41% which is a good return rate for many Indian players.
  • To add to this, you can play this game for free or for real money in the W88 game room as a member for 5 free spins and the W88 Free Credit bonus of ₹250 on account verification.

7. Wild Catch – 96.38% RTP

Wild Catch is the 7th best Microgaming slot game on this list that you can play online as a W88 member on the official betting site.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi wild catch

  • Wild Catch is an online betting game with a fishing theme and many illustrated icons that you can play in its 5 reels.
  • This game also comes with Wild Jackpot bonuses while makes the game thrilling to play on the official betting site.
  • Using the W88 Promotion bonus, you can boost your account wallet with Wild Catch as the RTP rate is 98.38% for real money gameplays.

8. Lucky Twins – 96.23%-96.94% RTP

If you are a slot gamer then Lucky Twins is one of the names you must have come across on top betting sites like W88 as these have high RTP rates with bonuses.

best microgaming slots list online by w88indi lucky twins

  • The Lucky Twins slot franchise has different kinds of slot games that have different range of RTP rates but the Lucky Twins Wilds game is evenmore beneficial.
  • This is all thanks to the wild icons you get in the 6-reeled slot game to help you win most of the rounds you play easily.
  • Using the any of the best Microgaming slot game rooms for Lucky twins, you get an RTP rates ranging from 96.23% to 96.94% on the W88 India betting site.


The 8 Best Microgaming Slots list online is the best one you can find on the W88 India website. This is because the W88 website is home to slot games online provided by top online betting distributors Microgaming incuded. Although above we have mentioned only 8 best microgaming slots games, on the betting site, you can get more than 30 exciting slot games to play from Microgaming with different themes, RTPs, and entertainment. So, go ahead and create an account on the W88 website today and verify your account details for ₹250 free credit to play slot games online.

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