10 Best Online Slots with Highest RTP up to 99% in India 2024

Best Online Slots with Highest RTP at W88 India with Minimum Bet stake of ₹3 Only! Play Ugga Bugga & discover 9 more highest RTP casino slot machines of 2024.

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Being entertained as a child was always easy. However, as an adult, looking for a proper form of entertainment can be difficult. This is why we urge you to join W88 not only because entertainment is 24/7 available on the site, but also because they give you the chance to relive your childhood by offering the best slot games with highest RTP available. These best online slots rtp games can help you win more for less betting rates.


What is even better, is that in return for playing the W88 Slot games, you will get up to 99%+ RTP! So buckle up and let us take you on a journey of the top 10 best online Slots with the highest RTP only at W88 India!

#1: Enjoy Playing Ugga Bugga with 99%+ RTP

The first slot game with the highest RTP, that is Return to Player rate is Ugga Bugga. This game slot is offered by PlayTech and it offers more than 99% RTP! Not only this but Ugga Bugga has more play reels which means that there is more chance of winning when you play these games. What is even better is that per spin costs about ₹3.


When playing Ugga Bugga you have to select the number of reels you want to spin first and then depending on how much the total amount is, you can spin. Then you can hold or place your bets on any one of the reels, and wait and watch to see how many reels you have won!

#2: Play Blood Suckers for approx. 98% RTP

Since Halloween is just around the corner, you can sit back and enjoy playing one of the coolest Slot games at W88, aka Blood Suckers as it is one of the best online slots rtp games. This vampiric-themed online slot game has an eerie feel to it which makes playing the game even cooler.


What is even better about playing this 5 reel game is that it offers bonuses randomly in any of the reels. So, you can win extra while playing. You can sit back and enjoy the 98% RTP on this game while enjoying the creepy soundtrack with headphones on.

#3: Alpha and the Red Hood gives 97% RTP

The story of Red Riding Hood is known by many because of its interesting themes, however, what is even better is playing a slot game online based on this cool story. This W88 slot lets you play the game Alpha and the Red Hood for a reasonable price with a Return to Player rate of 97%!


Playing Alpha and the Red Hood at W88 is fun, especially because of the soundtrack, easy interface, and of course the high RTP rate. It is like playing a game of luck that will always keep you on the edge of your seat.

#4: Golden Tour has 97% RTP

For all the golf fans out there, the next best online slots rtp game is for you. This slot online is a place that offers one of the most refreshing slot games. The moment you enter the slot room, you will find the vibe of it very refreshing and easy to play at.


You can spin the slot and sit back and relax in the pleasant environment that the Golden Tour Slot game offers. Besides this, you can even enjoy a high RTP rate of 97%. In this five-reel slot game, winning is easy and you will even get cheered on as you receive the high payouts you win.

#5: Book of Dead offers up to 97% Payout

Another exciting slot game you can play at W88 is Book of Dead. Just like the name, this slot game is tomb-raider themed which makes the entire vibe of this slot room very mysterious and fun. You can play Book of Dead at a reasonable price and also win up to 97% RTP!


The soundtrack of this game makes it even more interesting to play because of its catchy tune. Besides this, you can enjoy playing this slot game while aiming to get similar Egyptian symbols in the reels and win at these W88 slots with highest payout depending on how much you bet.

#6: Dalan Deluxe gives 96% RTP rates

Although W88 has a separate section for Fishing games, this aqua-themed slot game online is something you should definitely check out! You can play the Dalan Deluxe online slot game and enjoy it is a catchy and refreshing tune.


Learning how to play the slots using Dalan Deluxe would not only give you a lot of entertainment but also will let you win about 96% RTP as a beginner. This is a pretty good deal considering how easy this slot game is.

#7: Play Hot Chilli for a 96%+ Payout Rate

Living up to its name, Hot Chilli is one of the hottest slot games you can play in the W88 Slots section. Using this game, you can get up to 96% RTP cashback. Not only this but playing this game is easy as well.  All you must do to win this hot RTP price is spin the three reels at Hot Chilli.


What you will enjoy the most about playing Hot Chilli at W88 is its overall theme. When playing with headphones you will be able to hear the sound of hot Asian foods which will definitely get your mouth to water. What is even better is that the gameplay is simple as well as the interface, making Hot Chilli one of the easiest slot games to chill at.

#8: Sticky Joker offers 96% RTP

It is known that the more slot reels a game has, the higher the RTP rate is, which is true for most slot games online. However, at W88, you can play Sticky Joker, a three-reel slot game online which offers up to 96%+ RTP rates!


Sticky Joker is a fun game to play especially because of its futuristic-like fun theme music. Playing this game is something you can truly enjoy in your free time and also can win at high payout online slots.

#9: Play Age of the Gods & Win 96% RTP

Age of Gods is one of the most famous slot games you will find right at the top when playing online slot games. This game is pretty famous for its Greek Mythology styled theme. In fact, this game is so famous, that you will even find its variations.


Playing slot games online is fun, but you can enjoy more by playing Age of Gods and its variants at W88. You will find Age of Gods under games with high RTP rates as it offers up to 96% Return to Player rates to its players.

#10: Gods of Golds offers 95% RTP

Lastly, another slot game online related to Gods you can play at W88 is Gods of Golds. This game is one of the top 3-reels slot games online that offer you some of the highest RTP rates in the betting world. You can play this game for the minimum amount and get up to 95% RTP.


Besides, this game gives you a mysterious feel and a Babylonian vibe that will keep you entertained for hours. Like the aforementioned 3-reel game, Gods of Golds InifiniReels is an easy-to-learn as well as play game at W88 high rtp slots online.


In conclusion, you should join W88 today to play the top 10 best online slots with the highest RTP rates! W88 is a place where you can enjoy many online slot games starting as low as ₹3 per spin. Not only this but you can even play sports betting and casino games for the lowest prices as a W88 member. Log in today and experience the thrill of online slot games as well as the benefit of earning at some highest RTP casino slot machines in 2024 in exchange for a very low price!