Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 – Highest RTP up to 97% wins

W88 India shares four of the top 3-reel slot games at W88—slot reels with the highest-winning RTP up to 97%! So what are you waiting for? Read on to know more!

What are 3-reel slot games?

Before modern gamers play online slots, we actually had traditional slot machines first. And those traditional slot gaming originally has 3-reel slot games only. Yes, just 3 lines per row and 3 lines per column only! It’s like a 3 by 3 slot layout.

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Common 3-reel slots are 3×3. So that is right, 3-reel slot are the OGs when talking about reel slot machines because it is the foundation of slots and thus, slot reels! 

Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 - Highest RTP up to 99% wins

Review of 3-reel slots: Advantages & Disadvantages

Just like any other game, there are strengths and weaknesses in slots reels as well—whether it is the 3-reel slot or the others. To know more about the advantages and disadvantages of 3-reel slot games, scroll on!

3 most profitable advantages of 3-reel slot games

1. 3-reel slots are simply classic

3-reel slot games are a classic. And indeed, that is one of the advantages of 3-reel slot games. Since it has been in the ground for hundreds of years already, the 3-reel slot has nothing to prove already because it is tested by time already.

Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 - Highest RTP up to 99% wins

2. 3-reel slot games are fun with easy money

With all these things saying, 3-reel slot games are really fun. At the same time, easy money! Of course, every player wants to have fun while having to monetize, right! Here with 3-reel slots, beginners and pro gamers can do that.

3. 3-reel slot games can be played in any casino

Another advantage of 3-reel slot games would be their accessibility. Whether you are gaming on the actual or online slots, you can find 3-reel slots. So if you are familiar with the 3-reel slot games, higher possibilities that you will win on both traditional and virtual casinos!

Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 - Highest RTP up to 99% wins

One & only disadvantage of 3-reel slot machines

One way to categorize the slots is through its slot reels. These are the vertical sections rolling every pull and spin of the level. Therefore, numerous combinations on how to win increase with the number of reels.

Yes, 3-reel slot games do give adequate money especially if your return to player (RTP) percentage is high. But let us face it, the bigger number of reels have higher payouts than 3-reel slots. 

Top 4 of the high-winning 3-reel slot games – RTP of 97%

Now that you know what a 3-reel slot is, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of it, W88 India would present 4 of the top 3-reel slot games in W88!

Note that having 97% of RTP in 3-reel slots is already high, so make sure to play these 3-reel slots for bigger cashback!

Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 - Highest RTP up to 99% wins

1. Sticky Joker – 96.74% RTP

You already know three of the best 3-reel slot games in W88. So now, W88 India would share to you the best of all: Sticky Joker by Play’n Go!

Sticky Joker would surely make every player stick to this game because of the fun it gives! Aside from the interactive 3-reel slot dashboard and highly-known RTP, there are free spins, scatters, wild symbols, and lots of bonus features in this slot reel! Multipliers are also present to increase your wins!

Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 - Highest RTP up to 99% wins

2. Hot Chilli – 96.52% RTP

Hot Chilli, an Asian-themed cuisine-like slot reel by Pragmatic Play, has been making buzzes in the 3-reel slot gaming! Imagine playing with fun and real money? You can get that here! Plus, you could claim bonuses and lots of multipliers!

This slot reel is so cute because whenever you win the reel slot machine, the giant hot pot will be cooked and chopsticks will be served! Play this slot reel in W88 to experience and know more!

Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 - Highest RTP up to 99% wins

3. Triple Jokers – 96.47% RTP

Another slot reel to watch out for is the Triple Jokers. Provided by Pragmatic Play at W88, this 3-reel slot machine would definitely make you happy three times and more! 3-reel slot games like this would truly give great payouts because of their RTP. The wild symbols and other bonuses would make players stay longer, too!

Top 4 3-reel slot games at W88 - Highest RTP up to 99% wins

4. Gods of Gold InfiniReels – 96.21% RTP

Gods of Gold InfiniReels, powered by Netent, is placing fourth as the high-winning 3-reel slot games in W88. Because of its Babylonian theme that makes the gaming interesting and thrilling, players get drawn to it easily! It also shares respins and other features aside from its high RTP and max win of 25,000 stake!

Play the 3-reel slot games at W88 now!

Indeed, slot reels play an important part if you want to win big. Knowing the top 4 3-reel slot machines in W88, what are you waiting for? W88 apply for membership now and play these reel slot games now!

Go on and try the expert advice of W88 India and start your W88 gaming to slots now!