W88 VIP club: Treasure of loyalty gifts & cash up to ₹43,000

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W88 VIP club W88 Free ₹43,000 W88 Loyalty Gifts

Introduction to W88 VIP club

W88 India, which is recognized as the world’s premier gaming site, offers a W88 VIP club that has a new level of unique privileges and perks by giving the finest online gaming experience, member satisfaction, and all-new top rewards system that is unrivaled in the industry.


Objective – Offers the highest quality of service in the world, combining contentment, customization profiling, expertise, the highest levels of service, incentives, and awards to create the ideal W88 VIP club gaming program experience.

7 benefits – Why join the W88 VIP club?

Are you asking why you should join the W88 VIP club? The 8 perks will astound you, and you’ll want to jump in to be a part of the W88 VIP club immediately. For more such updates, check out W88 tips and tricks & get benefited.


  1. You can advance to the next level of the VIP club program as a W88 India member, which comprises blue, gold, platinum, and diamond.
  2. Members have access to a deposit & withdrawal mechanism that is only available to them.
  3. You will have specialized customer care available 24×7.
  4. VIP members get access to unique redemption categories, events, and special treatments, as well as rewards points eligibility.
  5. Gold, Platinum, and Diamond VIP members are eligible for birthday gifts.
  6. Members of the W88 VIP club are eligible for welcome bonuses & incentives.
  7. VIP tours, concerts, theatres, cruises, and holiday itineraries are available upon request.

4 Special levels of the W88 VIP club

Just come into W88 VIP Club to experience an all-new type of care and witness for yourself why they call it House of High Rollers, You Deserve It! The 4 W88 VIP levels that can be deployed are listed below.

W88 VIP levels









Welcome VIP Club Bonus₹2280₹3380₹5080
Live Casino Rebates **0.5%0.6%0.7%0.8%
Your Birthday Treats– YesYes
Priority Deposit & WithdrawalYesYes1st Priority
Discounts For W88 Rewards Redemption **Up to 5% Off10% Off15% Off18% Off
W VIP Club AccessFull AccessFull AccessFull Access
W VIP Club Account ManagerPersonal Account Manager2 Account Manager
Deposit / Withdrawal Special LimitsHigher Limits from Gold LevelFlexible Request
W VIP Club Special PromotionEligibleEligibleEligible
Reward Points Expiration **Valid for 6 MonthsValid for 12 MonthsLifetimeLifetime
Exclusive Festive SpecialsEligibleEligible
Eligible For Reward PointsYesYesYesYes
W VIP Club Tours / HolidaysSpecial PromoSpecial Promo
Lifetime Membership **YesYesYesYes

How to join the W88 VIP club in 2 steps

You surely must be thrilled to be a member of the W88 VIP club, where you can reap the benefits of all the perks and enjoy a terrific gaming experience. Let’s take a brief look at how to apply for the W88 VIP club program in just 2 simple steps. Follow us, folks!

Step 1: Signup at the official W88 India website

  • To join the W88 VIP club, you must first create an account with W88.
  • So visit W88 Register and follow the instructions there to open your account for free in 5mins.
  • Current W88 gamers must log in using their correct credentials.

Step 2: Find VIP icon under home section of menu bar

  • After successful login, you’ll find a home symbol in the left corner of the W88 India homepage.
  • The VIP option may be found by hovering your cursor over it.
  • Simply click on it to be directed to a new page with all of the information you need about the W88 VIP club.

7 General Terms & Conditions of the W88 VIP club

  1. Only W88 VIP Club members are eligible to participate in the W88 VIP Club program.
  2. The VIP Levels Discount Percentage is not applicable to free Bets rewards redemption.
  3. This program is free of charge and created to reward loyal customers who enjoy the W88 India gaming experience.
  4. Any member who seeks to transfer their membership level to a third party will be rejected by W88.
  5. At any moment, W88 reserves the right to evaluate a member’s transaction history & login status.
  6. W88 India reserves the right to revoke VIP membership without warning if find or have cause to believe that any terminal user or personal group is abusing the qualifications and privileges.
  7. W88 has the right to interpret, change, or repeal VIP member rules at any time.

W88 Club VIP Promotions – Bag birthday bonus worth ₹43,000

Are you excited about the birthday bonus? We sure are! Members of the VIP club of W88 may now double their birthday celebrations with a special birthday bonus. W88 India members receive special birthday gifts during the month of their birthday. Now is the time to join the VIP club and have some fun. Looking for more incredible deals? Visit W88 Promotions to learn more about similar perks. W88-vip-club-05
  • Members of the Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIP levels can get an 88% bonus up to ₹43,000 as a birthday gift.
  • Below is a quick overview of rollover requirements to be fulfilled by members of each level of the W88 VIP club.

Risk Category

Birthday Bonus Maximum Bonus Payout

Rollover Requirement

VIP Gold


₹ 7,000


VIP Platinum


₹ 21,000


VIP Diamond


₹ 43,000


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Smart gadgets, free bets, goodies, lifestyle gifts, sports apparel gifts, luxury lifestyle presents, and what not?. Stop thinking & start earning! Visit W88 India & join the W88 VIP club to enjoy all the lavish gifts & cash prizes. Also, keep betting for easy money-making!
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