W88 VIP club: Progress to earn loyalty gifts & cash rewards!

Level up to a W88 VIP Club member to enjoy exclusive products and services by the W88 team! Earn loyalty rewards, treats, discounts, & personal account manager!

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About W88 VIP Club: Mission and Objective

Today, you will find many exciting online betting sites that can help you boost your account wallet with bonus deals but there are only a few betting sites that provide long-time members with a special treatment for their loyalty. This is the main reason why you should join the W88 website today as here you get to be a part of one of the best VIP programs that can grant you many exciting gifts and deals. The W88 VIP Club grants you a new member account which will put you in the Blue level. As you keep playing, you will advance to the other three levels which also would increase your benefits of being a W88 VIP member via rewards, treats, gifts, and more!

w88 signature club for casino and sportsbook betting online

  • Before we introduce you to the W88 VIP levels, let us look at the Mission and Objective of the W88 VIP program. On the website, you will find this under the W Signature Club section which is exclusive to VIP members.
  • The W88 website has always been keen on delivering quality products to its customers whether they are new or old. This objective and mission drove W88 to become the number 1 gaming site they are today.
  • This is also something that they are grateful to their members for and gives loyal members rewards, they have introduced the W88 Signature Club or W88 VIP Club where they provide members with exclusive VIP services and products at a whole new level with promotion deals and events unique to the VIP members.

What are the 3 W88 Vip level?

As mentioned above, the moment you join the W88 website, you’re awarded with an account in the Blue Level. Blue level counts as a normal account that still gets exclusive benefits like the 150% W88 Promotion bonus of up to ₹15,000 on Sportsbook products. However, the more you spend time playing on the W88 website and becoming a loyal member, you can level up gradually to get to the final VIP level for VIP treatments from the W88 team. To know more about the W88 team, read this detailed W88 Review on them.

W88 vip club login for cashback rewards and bonus w88 gold

W88 Gold

After the Blue Level, you will be granted the chance to advance to the W88 Gold level where the promotion deals where the products and promotion offers will slightly increase and thus, you should also play more to maintain this account status.

W88 vip club login for cashback rewards and bonus w88 platinum

W88 Platinum

Once you have completed the conditions for the W88 Gold level on your account, you will advance to the Platinum level where you get all the Platinum member benefits with increased rebates. To maintain this status, you need to keep playing by maintaining the conditions.

W88 vip club login for cashback rewards and bonus w88 diamond

W88 Diamond

The last and highest level on the W88 website is the W88 Diamond or the W88 VIP level where you get the exclusive VIP status upon maintaining your account. Moreover, to help manage the VIP diamond account, you will get your personal W88 manager.

Earn exclusive rewards as you keep progressing to a W88 VIP

Let us now take a look at the exciting deals and rewards you can get  as a W88 VIP member as you keep progressing in your account. Moreover, let us help you understand how the levels are different from each other using the table below. This way you will know of all the benefits and differences between the accounts. To claim these rewards, make a W88 Register today!

W88 vip club login for cashback rewards and bonus


Live Casino Rebates



Slots Rebates


Priority Deposits and Withdrawals

Platinum Priority

Diamond Personalized

Access To Exclusive Payment Solutions


Upgrade Tiers Turnover/Stake [Within 30 Days]

USD 80,000USD 968,000

W Signature Club Invitational

Rewards Redemption (%)

10% Discount Off15% Discount Off18% Discount Off

Designated VIP Team


VIP Account Manager

VIP Signature Club Special Promotion


Reward Points Expiration

90 Days120 Days

180 Days

Eligible for Rewards Points


VIP Maintaining Requirement [Subject To Downgrade]



Your Birthday Treats



Access the W88 VIP section to learn more

Now that you have read about the important things regarding the W88 VIP Club, let us take a look at the more technical aspects of this program. Hereon, we will walk you through the steps on how you can learn more about the W88 VIP levels, the terms and conditions of the level, and lastly, the important FAQs you should know about the W88 Live Casino VIP account.

W88 vip club login for rewards for gold platinum and diamond

Step 1: To become a part of the W88 VIP Club, you need to become a member first and so, click on the ‘Join‘ button and join the website by filling out the form, and then make a successful W88 login by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button.

Step 2: Once done, you can click on the home icon on the menu bar and this will provide you with the VIP W Signature Club option which you must click on to learn the rules and conditions of the levels. This will help you get updates on any changes made in the W88 VIP room.

Terms and Conditions of becoming a W88 VIP club member

All in all, W88 offers great  W88 Promotion bonuses for new members and existing members, that you can claim in the long run as a VIP member. So, now getting to the second important aspect of the W88 VIP Club, let us now look into the terms and conditions that you must adhere to regardless of which status you have on your account. This means that you can get a downgrade if any of these rules are violated or not followed. All this helps maintain the status of the website as well as offer fun challenges to members to maintain their loyalty and account.

W88 vip club login for cashback rewards for gold platinum and diamond accounts

  • This W88 VIP program is only for the existing members of the betting site and the W88 team has the right to change, add, or even cancel any of the following terms and conditions mentioned, so it is important to constantly check the T&C page.
  • This program is available for members who are constantly active on the website making deposits and withdrawals from time to time, and thus, there is a limit to the eligibility of the customers.
  • To continue with the aforementioned term, W88 has the right to check members’ transactions and login history to ensure that they are regular members of the website. No personal information is harmed during this process as it is done with a secured team.
  • VIP discounts are not eligible for free bet reward redemptions. The reward prices can also change to other items as they have the right to amend any rule or benefit.
  • To be a successful member, it is important that you have a username similar to your real name for security purposes as W88 has the right to accept or reject anyone for the W88club VIP program.
  • If any of these terms or the general W88 terms are violated, W88 has the right to downgrade or block your account from their website permanently.

Important W88 VIP FAQs you should know

In this final section, let us look at the W88 VIP FAQs that commonly concern this amazing program for loyal members. Using the answers to these FAQs from the W88indi experts will help you understand the W88club VIP program a little more better.

w88 vip club for casino and sportsbook betting online

1. Will there be Reward Points expiry for being an VIP?

Yes, there is a 90, 120, and 180 days expiration date for the reward points for being a VIP member for the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts, respectively.

2. What is VIP Reward Redemptions?

When you make a W88 login and visit the Rewards page, you will see Reward Points granted based on how much you played as a VIP member, which you can redeem.

3. Is there an annual or monthly fees for the W88 VIP Club?

No, there is no annual or monthly fees and this is purely based on how long you have long you have been a part of the W88 family. The longer you game with W88, the quicker you will level up to VIP.


The W88 website is one of the best places to join especially for the benefits of the W88 VIP Club exclusive only to loyal members. For this, you have to game for a long time using the W88 products which is perfect as there are more than 100 games to try and by the time you are done, you probably could be a high roller with a Diamond status and a personal account manager provided by W88 themselves. So, join this all-rounder betting site today and claim beneficial W88 promotions to boost your account!