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Wondering which is the best sportsbook at W88? W88 a-sports is the right pick. Claim 150% signup bonus up to ₹15k & learn how to bet on a-sports at W88 India!

What is W88 a-sports betting?

W88 a-sports is provider by the most popular provider called saba sports. Their products are specifically designed for the Asian sports betting market. You can not only discover Asian odds, but you can also switch to “China View” for additional Chinese football matches or any other of your choice.

W88 a-sports Betting  W88 bonus ₹15,000

W88 a-sports is more Asian exclusive because it offers Keno, Number Games, and Lottery, which are popular among Asian gamblers. However, a-Sports offers fewer in-play football matches than other sportsbooks at W88.

Sports games available at W88 a-sports betting

W88 a-sports features a great selection of sports betting markets, which have been grouped into numerous books, as previously mentioned. They cover a wide range of sports, including football, darts, tennis, table tennis, mixed martial arts, rugby, and auto racing.

w88-a sports-betting-04

If you are a sports fan who enjoys traditional sports betting, the list will undoubtedly impress you. The following are the types of sports that are available at W88 a-sports:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Saba soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Keno
  • E-sports
  • Number games

Difference between W88 a-sports & e-sports

Those who are familiar with W88 must be aware of the fact that W88 has various sportsbooks. Let’s quickly look at which are those markets & what’s the difference between them.


W88 a-sports

W88 e-sports

Total sports

50+ 30+

Minimum bet amount

₹100 ₹0.5
Promotion for newbies 150% bonus up to ₹15,000

150% bonus up to ₹15,000

Popular Games Cricket, Soccer, keno, number games

Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis

The types of sports available on each platform may vary. However, the most popular sports and matches may be found on all of the W88 sports platforms.

3 Steps on how to play W88 a-sports betting

Now that you are familiar with w88 a-sports betting and the games available to wager, it’s time to look at how to get started. Simply follow the below 3 steps to enter the world of W88 a-sports betting.

Step 1: Go to the W88 official site and login

  • Are you visiting W88 for the first time? To get started, go to W88 Register and create an account, then follow the steps below.

w88-a sports-betting-02

  • Members who have already joined can use their username and password to access their W88 account.
  • After successful login, look for the sports tab on the menu bar & click on it.

Step 2: Select soccer betting under W88 a-sports

  • W88 features a number of different sportsbook markets, each with a different range of sports to bet on.

w88-a sports-betting-03

  • Click on a-sports to enjoy betting on your favorite sports game.
  • You’ll be excited to enter the world of W88 a-sports that features the latest sports games with the best odds.
  • Look for your favorite game on the left side of the screen.

w88-a sports-betting-05

  • Then pick your favorite event under it. 
  • For instance, let’s pick a soccer game and bet on a match between Colombia vs Portugal.

Step 3: Begin betting at W88 a-sports

  • Now, you’re all set to begin your thrilling W88 a-sports soccer betting journey.
  • All you have to do now is choose the type of wager you wish to place and click it.

w88-a sports-betting-06

  • You’ll see a betting slip on the right side where you may enter the amount and see the return value.
  • Click on Process bets to confirm your wagers. You may also check out W88 Fantasy sports & experience a new kind of betting adventure to make money online.

Let’s understand how to calculate the return value with the odds given. We’ll pick the easiest bet type that 1×2. All you need to predict is who will win the match. The home team(1), Away team(2), or will it end in a draw(x).
Here we’ll understand the odds calculation by placing a wager on a soccer match between Colombia vs Portugal.

Case 1: Wager ₹100 on Colombia with odds of 6.20

w88-a sports-betting-07
If Colombia wins: You will get 6.20 X 100 = ₹620 in return.
If Colombia loses: You’ll lose the stakes you put on the odds i.e. ₹100.

Case 2: Wager ₹100 on Portugal with odds of 2.40

w88-a sports-betting-08If Portugal wins: You will get 2.40 X 100 = ₹240 in return.
If Portugal loses: You will lose the stakes you put on the odds i.e. ₹100.

Case 3: Wager ₹100 on the draw with odds of 1.75

w88-a sports-betting-09
If the match ends in a draw: You’ll get 1.75 X 100 = ₹175 in return.
If either team wins: You’ll lose the stakes you put on the odds i.e. ₹100.

Keep an eye on the odds if you are betting on a live match because they get updated in the blink of an eye.

W88 a-sports promotion – 150% signup bonus up to ₹15,000

W88 bookie is always aware of the demands of players and strives to provide the finest benefits possible. W88 reflects this in the bonuses it provides to gamers, particularly new ones.

w88-a sports-betting-02

All sports enthusiasts can get a chance to win a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000. All you need to do is make a minimum deposit of ₹500 into your sports wallet & claim this offer. Visit W88 promotions to get the details of the latest offers & bonuses.


W88 a-sports has a fantastic selection of sports and in-play betting options. A friendly user interface, easy to access games & an enormous collection of sports games has made W88 one of the top bookies in India today. Online betting offerings, in particular, are extensive and diverse. Start betting by setting up your account at W88 for free now!

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