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Sports Betting Online  W88 Bonus ₹15,000  W88 a-Sports Betting

Finding the best online sportsbook is very important these days for gamblers across the globe. But in countries like India, this can be a task as there are many sportsbooks out there. This is why, we are here to help introduce you to the sportsbook of your dreams and that is the W88 a-Sports sportsbook. Here, you can play W88 a-Sports betting on some of the top matches from any sports domain starting at a minimum betting stake of ₹100 only!

Why play a-Sports betting online?

Before we look into this amazing a-Sports betting sportsbook on the W88 website, let us first address why the a-Sports sportsbook is something you should go for. In the online betting world, you will find many kinds of online betting sportsbooks but the two main ones are European and Asian, the former of which is more popular. However, for Indian players, going for the a-Sports betting sportsbook is more beneficial, and here are 3 reasons why:

w88 a-sports betting tutorial explained by w88indi experts

  1. Localized matches: a-Sports which also stands for Asian sportsbook is capable of providing the people who use it with more localized games from Asia. Here you get to bet on teams and leagues local to Asian countries which makes sports betting even more fun for the Asian players.
  2. Interesting odds: Another important aspect of the a-Sports betting sportsbook online is that they offer different kinds of odds, mostly the Hong Kong, Malaysian, and Indonesian odds, which makes betting even more challenging and fun.
  3. Available for international players: Last but not least, a-Sports betting is available for international players as well. This means that to bet on matches played by the Asian teams, you can access the a-Sports betting sportsbook and wager based on a variety of odds.

What makes W88 a-Sports betting better than the others?

Although there are many online betting sites that provide Asian Sportsbooks, the W88 a-Sports betting sportsbook takes things to another level. The main reason is probably that this W88 Sports book is provided by one of the top sports distributors on the internet and that is SABA sports. SABA Sports is known to be the no.1 Sports betting distributor in the betting world especially in the Asian market which makes this W88 website even more credible to use.

w88indi w88 a-sports betting for indian players in asia

  • Easy interface and usage: Firstly, a-Sports betting in the W88 a-Sportsbook is extremely simple and easy as you can wager on your preferred odds under different matches instantly. This is something that is appreciated by many gamblers, and it also makes this sportsbook even better for beginners.
  • Helpful filtering options: Another important thing to note is that a-Sports betting on the W88 website is easier because it is simple to find the match you want in the sportsbook since the filtering options are very helpful. Select matches, leagues, and more to get the instant desired results.
  • Offers different kinds of odds: Speaking of the filter options, you can even filter the types of odds you want to wager on. There are 5 different types of betting odds in the W88 a-Sportsbook to choose from which are China odds, Malay Odds, Decimal Odds, American Odds, and Indonesian odds.

w88 a-sports betting tutorial explained by w88indi pros

  • Provides live streaming: Although wagering in the early markets is a preferred betting strategy, for those who enjoy in-play betting, you can use the live streaming option on the website to make accurate predictions. Even more beneficial is the fact that you can simply log in to watch and enjoy the live match if you do not wish to bet.
  • It gives you updates on top matches: An extremely important feature is that if you do not have any specific matches to wager on, then you can tune in to the a-Sports betting sportsbook to look at the hot match updates with amazing odds to wager on as W88 keeps updating the a-Sports betting sportsbook with top matches.

Top 5 sports you can bet on in the W88 a-Sports sportsbook

Let us now peek into the W88 a-Sports betting sportsbook and take a look into the top 5 sports whose matches you should try betting on to get a proper understanding as well as a thrilling experience of wagering on the sportsbook. Betting on these matches would introduce you to the most basic betting options in sportsbooks and will help you apply sports betting strategies to ace your wins as well.

w88 a-sports betting play sports esports virtual sports betting online

  1. Cricket: Cricket is a sport that is enjoyed by most Indians and gambling on Cricket is getting more popular day by day. Using W88 Bet India as your go-to a-Sports betting sportsbook for cricket is beneficial as here you get to wager not only on the Indian team but also on other local teams in local leagues.
  2. Football: Although the Indian Football team has yet to perform in the World Cup and other country leagues, you can use the a-Sports betting sportsbook to bet on the local teams that are entertaining just like the European leagues. Here you get to wager on cities and other local football teams with updated odds.
  3. Basketball: Basketball is another fun sports match that you should wager on as here you get to bet on local Basketball teams in the W88 a-Sports sportsbook. Using the a-Sports betting sportsbook on the W88 website, you can get up-to-date odds as well as live streaming services with betting charts for basketball betting.
  4. eSports: eSports gaming is something that you can enjoy in any form, which means that if you are playing the games, watching the games, or betting on the teams playing the games, entertainment is ensured. Another thing that ensures entertainment is the eSports separate W88 a-Sports betting sportsbook.
  5. Finance: Another interesting sport that you can wager in the a-Sports betting W88 Sportsbook is Finance where you get to bet on real-time stock market outcomes. This betting is fun as here you get to make predictions and get instant results on the stock market world, a thing that makes the W88 a-Sports betting sportsbook unique.

w88indi w88 a-sports betting for indian w88 members

The aforementioned 5 a-Sports betting sports is something you definitely should try in the sportsbook. Howeover, by accessing the SABA a-Sports book you can play many other games besides sports betting like some quick speed casino games, Virtual sports, pinball, number games, Keno lottery, etc.

Access and play W88 a-Sports betting in 2 simple steps

Now that you know almost everything about the W88 a-Sports betting sportsbook, let us now look into the 2 simple steps to access and bet on the W88 a-Sports book online. Using these two steps, you can access and play W88 a-Sports betting easily whenever and wherever.

Step 1: Register an account at W88 and click on ‘Sports’

  • In step 1, you must first click on the ‘Join‘ button to create an account in the W88 Register by filling out the form with accurate details.

w88 a-sports betting tutorial explained by w88indi step 1

  • Once this is done, you must ensure that you have logged into the site by clicking on the ‘Login‘ button and entering your login credentials. Verifying your details, would give you a ₹250 W88 Free Credit as well which you can claim.
  • After that, click on the ‘Sports‘ option from the menubar above to visit the W88 sportsbook product on the official site and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Click on the A-Sports sportsbook and place a bet!

  • In the next step, you will find yourself on a page where you can get all the W88 sportsbooks on one page. From these, you must click on the ‘a-Sports‘ sportsbook and this will take you to a new tab in your browser.

w88 a-sports betting tutorial explained by w88indi step 2

  • Once the tab has loaded you will see different sports and their matches with betting options and their odds. From these, you can filter the sportsbook and pick your preferred match.

w88 a-sports betting tutorial explained by w88indi step 3

This way, you can access and wager on any sports match under the W88 a-Sports betting sportsbook. Overall, betting on the a-Sports book is simple and beginner-friendly for Indian players to wager on some of the top local sports teams that often get overshadowed by European matches in the European sportsbook. So, join the W88 website today, claim an extravagant bonus, and play the a-Sports betting today!

Claim an extravagant W88 promotion on a-Sports betting

If you are impressed with what is said above then this last section of this article will be the cherry on the top because if you join the W88 website, you can claim one of the best first deposit bonuses in the betting world online for sports betting. Here you get to claim a W88 Promotion of 150% up to ₹15,000 sports book bonus on the minimum first deposit.

w88indi w88 a-sports betting w88 promotion bonus for indian members

  • All you must do is become a registered member of the official W88 website and verify your account details to also a get W88 free credit of ₹250.
  • Upon making your first deposit of a minimum ₹500, you can claim the 150% up to ₹15,000 welcome bonus on the a-Sports betting sportsbook.
  • After this, complete the minimum rollover requirement of 15 times to make the entire bonus completely yours.


This was all about the W88 a-Sports Betting sportsbook that you can use to access and play localized matches for sports betting online in India. Using the W88 sportsbook is beneficial as it is beginner-friendly and also beneficial with the statistic charts, live streaming services, and promotions. Make your first deposit and get up to ₹15,000 instantly in your online account, and this can help you play a-Sports betting with W88indi betting tips and tricks to win daily!