The Secret About Poker Kicker Rules, Hands, and Cards

Poker players already know what a kicker means. But for newbies out there, this W88 article revealing the secrets of poker kicker rules is perfect for you!

Poker Kicker Meaning

That is true! You must have heard the word kicker when playing W88 poker. It seems to play an important role in the game. But… What is poker kicker meaning in W88 and general gaming? Read on!

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In Poker, whether W88 gambling or the actual casino, a kicker refers to an excess card. It can be plural, so yes, there could be excess cards more than one in a game. 

Additional Poker Hands Kicker Terms

The Secret About Poker Kicker Rules, Hands, and Cards

Poker kicker meaning can also be called a side card or side cards where the hand or hands do not determine the card ranks. It may seem like an extra card only, but it is very useful when it comes to breaking ties of the same rank and hands.

Poker Hands Rules and Tricks

Depending on the circumstances and valid points, poker kicker rules when drawing a game, too. How? Because the poker hands kicker denotes an unmatched card when drawing as well. 

Yes, poker kicker rules not just as an extra card or tie-breaker determiner. This so-called unmatched card is usually retained by players with the hope it will be paired in the next stages—up until showdown. 

The Secret About Poker Kicker Rules, Hands, and Cards

This poker hands kicker, on some other hand, are also used to deceive the opponents. Players make it look like they have three-of-a-kind even when it is just a pair. 

That is true! Poker kicker rules in bluffing, too. This is why poker kicker rules the game despite having no value in the game! Check out is online poker legal in India to find the untold truth about poker.

Poker Hands Kicker: Poker Kicker Rules & Examples

To know how to use poker hands kicker in W88 gambling, you must know the poker kicker rules first. And actually, it is preferable if you know all the terms and strategies needed. 

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If you do not fully understand the W88 poker rules yet, do not worry! You can backread the rules and tricks here at W88 India. Click the link above to know more!

The Secret About Poker Kicker Rules, Hands, and Cards

Kicker Poker Texas Holdem Examples

Now that you know how poker hands kicker works, let us do some kicker Poker / Texas Holdem examples…

Let us say the hand has K-K-10-4-2. There are a pair of kings. And the 10, 4, 2 are the kickers as they are the excess cards and does not fit the poker ranking rules. is online poker rigged? Click on the link to get 100% genuine answer to this complex question.

With this example, this hand could defeat no pair and lower-ranking pairs. However, these remaining cards could help to break ties in case that the opponents’ hands have the same pair of kings.

Like if the opponent has K-K-Q-3-2, it would win because queen outranks 10. But if the other player has K-K-5-3-2, the K-K-10-4-4 wins because the 10 beats the five.

The Secret About Poker Kicker Rules, Hands, and Cards

Importance of Poker Hands Kicker in Poker Texas Holdem

Poker kicker hands hold special importance in every game. It might look like an excess or side card only, but poker kicker rules in breaking ties and beating matched cards. Kickers can outkick players’ cards. So yes, every card matters in Poker!

If you wanna apply all the things you learned about poker kicker rules, go and play W88 Poker now!

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