Is online poker rigged or not? 5 Solid facts figured out!

Is online poker rigged? Absolutely not! Discover 5 undeniable facts that prove reputed live casinos don’t cheat, instead offer a welcome bonus of up to ₹12,000!

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Is online poker rigged?

People frequently inquire poker experts at W88indi, is online poker rigged? And I usually respond the same way, if it’s rigged, it’s rigged for me. Since I’ve made a lot of money playing this thrilling little card game at W88! I believe, it’s a NO! online poker not rigged.

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  • If you’ve ever played online poker, you’ve certainly had some bad beats and wondered if the game was rigged.
  • After all, if the game isn’t rigged, how many times can someone lose with aces?
  • The true answer to that question is straightforward, as poker is a very volatile game in which anything may happen on the following card’s turn.

I’ll explain why and how online poker is not rigged in this article below. Read the 5 hard facts that prove online poker not rigged.

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#1. RNGs are used to assemble cards

Every major online W88club poker India makes use of Random Number Generators (RNGs) available.

  • Starting with the first hole cards you get and ending with the last card that strikes the river, W88 employs RNG software to generate cards.
  • This means that RNGs aren’t truly random, but rather shuffle through billions of numbers before settling on one to generate a card.

#2. Rake is charged by reputable sites

Rake is a fee charged by online poker sites like W88 to its players that brings in millions of dollars every day.

  • They do not need to manipulate the games in any manner because rake is collected from every game and tournament.
  • In reality, it is better for bookies if games continue to operate fairly and no one loses too much money(as in a heavily rigged poker game)

#3. Poker winners are the true evidence

Take a look at some of the major winners in online poker if you don’t believe your hand histories or don’t have enough hands to examine, and you don’t trust the game regulators.

  • Hundreds of well-known poker players have been routinely winning at online poker for many years.
  • If they can then everyone can! But with only the right poker strategies.

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#4. Honestly it makes no difference who wins

It doesn’t matter to online poker bookies who the big winners are, or even whether there are any large winners at all.

  • The most crucial factor is that the money stays flowing and that everyone returns to play, which they wouldn’t be able to do if the games were rigged or unfair.

#5. Poker websites have been verified

If you play on a large online poker site like W88 India that delivers poker games from big providers like GGPoker, you should be aware that they do not have complete control over how they function.

  • Meaning they cannot manipulate the poker game on their own.
  • Regulators like the MGA, the UKGC, and others require each of these platforms to receive and maintain a license, which they must fully comply with.
  • These licenses explicitly say that the operator must provide a level playing field for all participants, implying that the games cannot be rigged!

3 Reasons – Why do gamblers think online poker is rigged?

People who believe online poker is rigged and don’t understand how the random number generator (RNG) works argue why sites would rig their games. We’ve noticed the following 3 as the most common:

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  1. This is done to increase activity while also ensuring that no one wins too much.
  2. Poker rooms will rig the game so that the “fish” don’t lose too much money and continue to play.
  3. They’ll set up circumstances in which players amass massive pots to charge more rake.

All of this makes little sense and, once again, there is no real evidence to prove online poker is rigged. To begin with, excellent players have made a lot of money playing online poker, so it’s evident that sites aren’t restricting anyone’s ability to win.

W88 India – Ideal place for online poker gambling

You must have noticed the site name W88 India being mentioned in the article. Why pick W88? Is W88 poker game not rigged? Well, to answer this, read this short story about the winner sharing the winning experience at the W88 poker site.

  • As a beginner, I first went through the article on how to play poker at W88 to grasp the basics.
  • Then played a few hands with small bets & lost 4/5 rounds played.

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  • At times I felt anxious but never lost hope. Explored a few poker tips and tricks & implemented the same in gameplay.
  • The success rate increased which turned 4/5 into a winning ratio.
  • Always remember, Practice makes man Perfect & Poker is indeed a game with 70% skill.
  • Odds at W88 are pretty good which helps the player win more & bonuses like 150% up to ₹12,000 are a great start for beginners to test this game without losing much!

Explore some of the best freebies available for newbies at W88 Promotion, grab them before the deal ends!

Conclusion – Online poker not rigged!

A clear-cut answer to this complex question is online poker rigged? is NO! online poker not rigged. Online poker is controlled, and sites like W88 use card-generating software that is completely random. Hundreds of successful players including we experts are living proof that poker games are not manipulated. If you still believe online poker is rigged, I suggest you focus on your game and improve your strategy.

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