La Liga President Tebas: Ready for Lionel Messi’s Departure

Have you heard the latest news? Yes, about La Liga President Javier Tebas’ statement on Messi’s leaving at Barcelona and Spain! To know more, keep reading!

La Liga President Tebas: Ready for Lionel Messi's Departure

This just in via the W88 India team: The La Liga President, Javier Tebas told the media that he is all ready for Barcelona’s superstar Lionel Messi. Tebas said this rollercoaster-feeling statement while he was criticizing Manchester City, the club which he believes would sign him.

Because if you all could remember, Messi submitted a transfer request last August at Barcelona. He has been there since he was thirteen. And possibly, one of the probable reasons why he backed down after refusing the sanction releases.

President Tebas said he wants Messi to stay since he feels that La Liga might have difficulties if he leaves their side. He said, “We would prefer Messi to stay in La Liga but Ronaldo and Neymar left and we have not noticed any difference,” But he added. “We are ready.”

La Liga President Tebas: Ready for Lionel Messi's Departure

Lionel Messi, the thirty-three-year-old Argentina international legend, would be available at the end of this season. He wants a free transfer, making this his last year playing at Barcelona. However, no official statement is yet to be released on what team he would be after the season.

Tebas told, “It seems the only club in Premier League that talks about registering Messi is Manchester City, who compete outside the rules.” Tebas also reiterated that he is not the only one who is saying this. 

In addition, “I am not too worried about them. I have criticized what they do so many times. Doing it one more time makes no difference. City is neither affected by COVID or [nor] pandemics or anything because they are financed differently and it is impossible to fight against that.”

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