How to play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

Newbie at casino gaming? You must try Blackjack! W88 India would share how to play 21 Cards aka Blackjack. Plus, where to play online Blackjack with friends!

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the many favorite games that players can gamble in any casino like W88 Live Casino. Because of its easy gameplay that involves the number 21 in its scoring, Blackjack is also called Twenty-One or 21 by some people.

Although the origin is still on-trace at the moment how Blackjack turned 21 as its other moniker, for sure it is connected with its main objective of the game. And speaking of names, Blackjack means to “beat the dealer”.

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

Yes, beating the dealer and aiming for number 21—that is what Blackjack is all about in a gist!

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To know more about the Blackjack game and how to play 21 cards, you read on!

How to Play 21 Cards Also Known as Blackjack

Blackjack is usually played with 1 to 8 deck of cards. It must be well-shuffled, this is why some casinos like W88 uses a shuffling machine for better gaming. And with that being talked about, there are actually two game levels of Blackjack that needs thorough card shuffling.

  1. In Single and Double Deck Game, the dealer takes over the cards. Then he/she officiates the cards by distributing them to the players. Yes, here, the dealer deals the cards to the players.
  2. In Multi-Deck games, cards are placed in a “Shoe” or tray box which contains the cards. This Blackjack Shoe is important as it holds the cards and shuffles them dearly. *Note that shoe game cards are only shown to the gamers and they cannot touch them.

As for hand-held Blackjack games, like when you are just playing for fun with friends, cards would be given in a face-down form. Then, players would freely pick their preferred cards up.

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

Truly, playing Blackjack, especially with your best buds would be so much fun! And, if you guys are looking for new ways on how to be thrilled on how you can play Blackjack, W88 is here to help! 

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Yes, you read that right! Online Blackjack with friends? It is a check at W88! You can play Blackjack with other members at W88 even when you are just using your desktop or mobile. Amazing!

Blackjack’s Main Objectives

Blackjack is a simple casino game. But, how to play 21 cards? Easy! Its only goal is to beat the dealer by not coming over to 21. What does this mean? This means that…

A player’s hand must own cards that are higher than the other gamer’s and dealer’s cards, but it cannot exceed to 21. 

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

If your cards go beyond the 21-card combo, you are already out of the game. This is called “Bust” in Blackjack. And a Bust, that is equal to an automatic loss in the game.

With these main objectives knowing, you must then take care of the cards in your hand. It would be better if your hand is 21 or closest to it, but not past this number combination. Thus, beating the dealer and other gamers involved.

Blackjack Card Values

Now that you know the objectives in Blackjack, you must know how to play 21 cards in the game then!

Know that 2 to 10 cards are counted the way they are. 2 is to 2, 3 is to 3, 4 is to 4, and so forth. As for the face cards like Jacks, Queens, and Kings, their value is 10. So if you have a Queen and a 6, you have 16.

Where are the Aces? Well, the Aces are counted in two ways. It could be valued as 1 or 11.

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

Blackjack Live Gameplay

In general, Blackjack tables are in a semi-circle form. It is usually in separate squares or circles per pay. And if you would want to play Blackjack with live dealers, you can go to W88.

Blackjack W88 is not that different from the universal Blackjack. If the actual Blackjack asks for chips from the dealer, at W88 Blackjack live, you would be asked to bet on the circles using your desktop and mobile screens as well.

After all the final bets are placed, the W88 Blackjack live would then start. There, players would be given two cards of one facing up and one facing down, also called a hole card.

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

In Blackjack W88, when the dealt cards are settled to all players, decision time comes next. The first player would act his/her move (first base) until the last person makes the move which is called the third base.

Upon reviewing your cards and the cards of other players, you must make a choice if you want to see the dealer’s cards to be shown. And doing that would show the results of the Blackjack W88 whether you win or not.

Whether Blackjack W88 or just Blackjack in general, if your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand, then you win. If the dealer is higher than your hand, then you lose.

3 Steps To Play Blackjack Live – Access at W88

If you want to play W88 Blackjack live… Yes, Blackjack W88 with live dealers like the traditional casino, but you would play using your gadgets! 

Or if you want to game up your playing time with your best buds. Then, online Blackjack W88 with friends at W88 would be perfect for you!

These W88 Blackjack quick tips would only take three steps. If you want to notch your Blackjack desires with pocket money turning to big jackpots, follow the process below!

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

Step 1: Go to the W88 website for Blackjack live

The initial step on playing Blackjack online is looking for a website that could cater to your gaming dreams! And with Blackjack W88, your casino gaming cravings would surely be satisfied!

W88 offers Live Casino games. Yes, Blackjack live! As well as Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, and a whole lot more. This is the home of online casinos, so you would never regret coming here.

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

Step 2: Choose your W88 Club Palazzo 

W88 offers different Live Casino Clubs you could choose from. All of these clubs offer Blackjack W88 before. But right now, W88 Club Palazzo owns it exclusively. 

How to Play 21 Cards: Online Blackjack With Friends at W88

Step 3: Bet on W88 Online Blackjack with friends

So if you are already in the W88 Club Palazzo, you would see various tabs of different live casino games. Choose Blackjack W88 in that portal and you would be redirected to the tables. 

W88 offers lots of tables for Blackjack live. Simply click the game you would want to play and be ready to be a millionaire! Just easy peasy to access Blackjack online isn’t it! And what makes it even better, you can play online Blackjack W88 with friends here at W88! Woohoo!

Blackjack or Poker? Blackjack vs Baccarat? Which is Which?

Truly, there are lots of games in W88 and you may be asking which is better. Blackjack or Poker? Maybe you are questioning how the difference between Blackjack vs. Baccarat, too! Calm down, bro! To know the answers, go to W88 instead.

W88 India already shared the basics of W88. Reading this article, you must already know how to play 21 cards. Plus, W88 online blackjack with friends would sound so much fun, right! 

So, go! Go on and try and practice Blackjack W88 gaming now! 

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