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Gambling at online betting sites like W88 can be considered as a fun an entertaining way of investing in small amounts. However, gambling on games like baccarat losing is possible here as much as winning is but this does not mean that you have to lose the money you stake too with the betting round. Using betting systems like the Fibonacci system is a great way for this, so here, we will have to look into what the Fibonacci baccarat sequence and the fibonacci sequence how to use it in gambling.

Invention of the Fibonacci sequence

Before we look into how the Fibonacci betting sequence works in Baccarat let us look into who invented the Fibonacci system. Leonardo of Pisa, who came to be known as Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who lived around the year 1170 in Italy. He was known to be a great mathematician of his age and as a legacy left us with one of his books, the Liber Abaci which translates to the Book of Calculation.

baccarat fibonacci betting system online
The Fibonacci sequence syncs with the Golden Ratio

In this book, he introduced us to the Fibonacci sequence or series that was used as one of the examples. Here, he introduced us to a series of numbers that starts with 1 but has no end as it keeps adding up. These numbers build up by adding the last two numbers of the sequence and although this may be simple addition, this Fibonacci sequence is extremely intriguing as it syncs well with the golden ratio. Using this system as well as some How to Win Baccarat Every Time strategies, you can increase your profit in casino game rooms like a pro!

What is the Fibonacci Baccarat strategy?

To understand what is the Fibonacci baccarat strategy and fibonacci sequence how to use it in gambling, let us look at an example of the Fibonacci sequence first using 10 numbers starting from 0. Although this series starts from 1, we will add 0 at the beginning to show how you get two 1s at the beginning. As you can see below, this series goes on and will go on as you keep multiplying the two numbers at the end. So 0 + 1 becomes 1, 1 + 1 becomes 2, 1 + 2 becomes 3, 2 + 3 becomes 4, and so on.

0 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 8 + 13 + 21 + 34 + 55 + 89 + 144…

Since this sequence syncs well with the golden ratio, it can be seen in many places in nature. However, today, investors use this sequence as a way of investing their money since this sequence lets you invest money in a way where you must increase the amount every time you experience a loss using the pattern of the Fibonacci. However, as a gambler you can create an account in the W88 Register to use this sequence in Baccarat game rooms too!

baccarat fibonacci betting system invention

  • For instance, if you invest ₹10,000 and lose it, then you must invest ₹10,000 again, and if you again lose it, you must invest ₹20,000, and so on but this may seem like a risky strategy and yes it indeed is.
  • Using the Fibonacci betting system for investment is very risky however, when used for betting on games like Baccarat with the minimum betting stake, it can result it great profits.
  • For betting on Baccarat using the Fibonacci system, you must increase your betting stake ever time you lose a betting round so that when you eventually win, you will win back the money you previously loss.

This is known as a negative progressive betting system in online gambling that help gamblers maximize profit even if they lose rounds when playing casino games online. If you want to boost your wallet to use progressive betting systems like the Fibonacci Baccarat sequence betting then you can use the W88 Promotion bonus to boost your online betting account with up to ₹12,000 for live casino games.

Example of betting at Baccarat in the Fibonacci sequence

To take a closer look at the Fibonacci baccarat betting sequence and let us show you a table example of Fibonacci sequence how to use it in gambling. To do this, we have randomly placed win/lose scenarios for 10 betting rounds and used the Fibonacci sequence accordingly starting from the minimum betting stake RM1.

baccarat fibonacci betting system live casino

Round No.Betting StakeWin/LoseProfit/LossNext Round Stake
1RM1Lose-RM10 + 1 = RM1
2RM1Win+RM2Remains the same
3RM1Lose-RM11 + 1 = RM2
4RM2Lose-RM11 + 2 = RM3
5RM3Win+RM6Remains the same
6RM3Win+RM6Remains the same
7RM3Lose-RM32 + 3 = RM5
8RM5Lose-RM103 + 5 = RM8
9RM8Win+RM16Remains the same
10RM8Win+RM16Remains the same

As you can see, the betting stake was used as per the Fibonacci sequence where we increased it using the pattern whenever there was a losing scenario. Here the total betting amount used was RM35 and the Payout we won, without counting the loses from the bankroll, is RM46. The amount of money we lost from the bankroll here is RM16 only, which is not bad as we made a profit regardless.

To add to this, out of 10 rounds we won only 5 so, to use this betting strategy effectively to Play Baccarat Online, it is important to use your best baccarat strategies to win more rounds to increase profits. Another thing worth noting is to maintain a bank roll amount which is more than the betting stake since progressive betting systems help require you to stake more as you lose.

Top 5 ways in which the Fibonacci betting strategy helps gamblers

The Fibonacci betting system is one that may not be used every time by gamblers however, since it is one of the most famous progressive betting systems you can use this system to play Baccarat with ease every now and then. The Fibonacci betting system is beneficial this way so now, in the final section of the baccarat Fibonacci article, let us take a closer look at the top 5 benefits of using this betting system.

baccarat fibonacci betting system online casino

  1. Maintain bank roll: The Fibonacci betting system is a progressive betting system that helps you in maintaining your bank roll by letting you increase your betting stake whenever you experience a loss. So, even if you have a set betting limit for the day, you will be able to gain a profit with a limited bank roll in online casino game rooms offered by sites like W88 Online Casino.
  2. Play with limited time: These days one of the best way to save up money is using the Fibonacci system with a time limit as playing for a set time means that the number of rounds you play are limited which is a great way to increase your betting stake on loses to gain more money using this system since you won’t overdo it.
  3. Helps play with minimum betting stake: Since the Fibonacci system requires you to set a initial betting stake for yourself, you can decide your own minimum betting stake or use the one offered by the online casino to play baccarat online. The minimum betting stake amount should not be more than RM5 if you want to maintain a bank roll.
  4. Keeps you gambling mindfully: Using any progressive betting system is the best as it requires you to bet with concentration and analyze your wins and loses. However, the Fibonacci betting system requires you to constantly do basic math when gambling which is a great way to be present and mindful instead of being swept away by the thrills of gambling online.
  5. Lets you know when to stop playing: Setting a betting limit or a bank limit is a good way for gamblers to know when to quit for the day, however, when you use online betting systems like the Fibonacci system, then you can easily tell whether you are making profit or loss on the table. This way, you can know when to stop playing for the day to save the money you already own.


This was all about the Fibonacci Baccarat betting sequence that you can also use when playing other casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, etc. However, it is important to choose the proper online gambling site for playing these games as it will help you boost your account with promotional bonus offers that can help you spend little money from your own pockets. With this we wish you a happy and safe gambling online and bid adieu!