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10 Pro tips on How to Win Baccarat Online Every time. Master Baccarat Game with W88indi Betting Experts & Go from being a Beginner to a Professional in no time!

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Online gaming can be fun to play but if you are a beginner, then you definitely should start with not only a good online betting site like W88 but also a good online game which is beginner friendly, like Baccarat. This is because playing the baccarat game online is easy however, if you want to win most of the betting rounds online, then you are at the correct place as we have put together 10 amazing strategies for how to win baccarat online.


1. Observe the Baccarat game before placing bets

First strategy for how to win baccarat online may sound simple but it is still something that many people forget to do before placing bets in baccarat game rooms online and that is observation. In fact, observing the game before placing your bets is what distinguishes pros from rookies.

  • As a beginner, when learning how to play baccarat game learning the art of observation before placing your bets online is something you should learn to do from the start so that it becomes a habit.
  • This is because when you observe the game in the game room for baccarat or any casino game online, then you can understand which betting option tends to win the most and which ones do not.
  • This way, you can end up placing more accurate bets and win most of the betting rounds based on your observations. Sometimes, you may even have to skip betting rounds in between, observe and then continue placing bets in the baccarat game room.

2. Use minimum betting rate to place bets online

Once you have observed enough betting rounds, you can then place your bets to start playing the game. This is when you will place bets on the betting option that won more rounds, but in order to test whether your observations are correct or not, you must place bets for the initial betting rounds using the minimum betting limit.

  • To do this, it is important that you pick an online game room which allows you to play with low betting rates.
  • Additionally, when you use the minimum betting rate in the game room to play baccarat, you can end up playing more betting rounds to try out different strategies in the game room.
  • That being said, as you go further down the article, you will learn about some betting systems that you can use to maximize profit which will require to use the minimum betting rate.

3. Understand the betting options in Baccarat

Baccarat is an online casino game which is considered to be the best game to play as a beginner to help you advance to a higher level in gambling, as there are many easy betting options which are also commonly seen in most online casino games. Like every casino game, in Baccarat too there are main betting options and side betting options with varied payout rates.


  • As you can see in the image above, there are may betting options in baccarat and thus, it is important to recognize each of them very well as you will need to place bets within the given timer, which lasts 15 to 20 seconds only.
  • The player, banker, and tie bets are known to be the main betting option, but they come with different odds that is 1:1, 8:1, and 0.95:1 respectively.
  • Similarly, there are other betting options that offer different betting odds and thus, it is important to note that placing bets on higher odds is a great way to score huge amounts.

4. Do not ignore the Tie betting option

As you have seen in the above baccarat strategies to win, there are different odds to different betting options but what does that mean, it means that the payout you will receive for placing bets on different betting options would vary depending on the odds. Thus, placing bets on higher odds is something you should go for and here, the Tie betting option has the highest odds among the three main bets.

  • As mentioned above, in baccarat, the betting odds of the Banker side is 0/95, Player side is 1:1, and the Tie bet is 8:1.
  • So, if you place a ₹10 bet on the Tie betting option with betting odds of 8:1, then the payout you will receive is ₹80.
  • So, in conclusion, when observing the game, it is best to observe how many times the tie bet wins and also not after how long the betting option wins. Then based on these observations, you can place your bets on the tie bets to win!


5. Play close attention to the third card rules of the game

The rule of the baccarat game is simple as you have to place bets on the banker or player, to predict which side will get their cards summed up to the number 9 or the closest number to it, or whether it will be a tie. So, basically there are two cards required on each side required on each side to determine who the winner of the betting round is.

  • However, sometimes the two cards have very low numbers for instance when they get a card with the value 1 and 2 making the overall value 3. So, there are third card rules, where an additional third card is pulled out to even things out.
  • The rules for the third card on the players side is different from the banker’s side, since house commission matters too when it comes to the banker’s end winning.
  • Thus, when you join the online game room to play baccarat online, it is important that you check the third card rules and be thorough with the guidelines as well since you will have to calculate the total of the cards yourself and not only rely on the live dealer’s calculations.

6. Keep playing with a daily betting limit

The next how to win baccarat online strategy is something you should use to save the money you already have. Most people that indulge in online gambling often fail to realize that sometimes they have more money with them before they start playing and end up leaving with less amount. So, the next baccarat winning tip is to save the money you already have.

  • This can result in hatred towards online gambling or playing too many betting rounds in hopes to get back the lost money they lost, which often times works in the opposite way.
  • To avoid this from happening, you can use daily betting limit where you set a limit to how much you will use to play baccarat for the day.
  • That being said, this betting limit set should be adhered to strictly as it will make you a responsible gambler, which is the first step to becoming a pro.


7. Place bets with betting systems to maximize profit

In continuation with the points above, the best way to save money as well as maximize profit when playing with a betting limit, is to use betting systems. Betting systems are in fact used by many pros and investors who deal with stock market trading. Since placing bets on casino games is somewhat similar to investing, using betting systems is very effective to earning more. There are two types of betting systems in the betting world.

  • Progressive Betting System: Progressive betting systems require bettors to change their betting stakes by decreasing or increasing it depending on their loss or wins for each betting round.
  • Non-Progressive Betting System: Non-Progressive betting systems require bettors to maintain the same betting stake throughout their time playing the game, irrespective of their wins and losses.
  • The progressive betting system is clearly better than the non-progressive betting system, as it will help you win back the money you previously lost when you decrease or increase your betting stakes accordingly.

8. Use the D’Alembert betting system to win effectively

The next how to win baccarat online is a continuation of the previous one, where we introduce you to one of the more effective progressive betting systems. Although the Martingale betting system is the most famous one in the betting world in terms of progressive betting systems, it is designed for high rollers, as you have to keep increasing your betting stake by doubling the previous amount when you experience a loss.

  • Since this article is catered to the needs of beginners, you should go for the D’Alembert betting system which is a variation of the Martingale system but for beginners.
  • The D’Alembert betting system is similar to the Martingale system where you must increase the betting stake depending on your losses. However, this increment must take place by one unit and not by doubling the initial amount.
  • This way, you end up winning back the money you previously lost. To add to this, the D’Alembert betting system works well with the baccarat winning strategy of using the minimum betting rate in the game room as you can start from there.


9. Apply for your online casino bonuses

One way to make more money online is by not playing baccarat at all! Yes, you read that right, if you want to earn more money to play baccarat and more fun and classic casino games online then you definitely should apply for your online casino bonuses.

  • We admit that this is not a betting strategy which will help you win baccarat, but if earning is your goal and so you have come to look for some strategies that’ll help you win to earn, then this trick is for you to speed up the process.
  • Applying for your online casino bonuses can help you win more money after you make the minimum required deposit, which can be a lot more cheaper than playing with more money by placing bets and then waiting to win.
  • For instance, at sites like W88, just for a minimum deposit of ₹500, you can get up to ₹12,000 casino bonus according to the W88 promotion offers. This means that instead of using 500 to play multiple baccarat games online and win about half or some amount more than it, you can create an account at W88, deposit the 500 in your wallet, and get up to ₹12,000 bonus.

10. If you feel something off, leave the game room

In the last how to win baccarat strategy, you must be aware of the game room you select when playing the baccarat game online. It is important to note that using betting strategies is guaranteed to help boost your winnings by at least 95%. So, there is a good chance of winning more when you use betting strategies than when not. That being said, sometimes it may happen that despite using betting strategies you will keep losing betting rounds.

  • This is something that definitely would feel fishy and thus, it is important that you stop betting and instead of observing the game observe the live dealer in the game room.
  • This is because there are many online casino game rooms that tend to cheat their customers by faking results and sometimes even providing wrong payouts. So, it is important that you pick an online betting site and game room that doesn’t make you feel so in the first place.
  • That being said, if you in general are losing more games than you win, then you should consider leaving the game room for the day and coming back to play the game the next day. This would save you from spending money recklessly.



These were the how to win baccarat online strategies that you can use to win wholesome payouts. That being said, it is important that you select an online betting site with a good live casino game room for baccarat and also one that offers you with amazing bonus deals online. Lastly, when playing baccarat or any online casino game, it is always important to be responsible for your well-being and respective towards the live dealer and others in the game room online.

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