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Looking for the Best Dragon Tiger Winning Strategy? Instead, discover 10 Powerful tricks to Win ₹8,000 every day on Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game by W88indi.

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Online casino games is something that has now become a part of one of the most  entertaining things you can indulge in online! However, there are many people who are hesitant to join in on the fun because they fear they will lose a lot of money online. But if you use sites like W88 and play simple online casino games like Dragon Tiger online then you definitely can win a lot of money by playing online. But of course, you will need some dragon tiger winning strategy to help you boost your winnings online, and here, we have combined 10 most effective tricks to win dragon tiger games you can try out today!


1. Observe the Dragon Tiger Game Before Playing

The first  dragon tiger winning strategy on our list is something that many beginners avoid doing when they join the dragon tiger online gaming rooms, and this is observing. In online casino games, observation is the first step to not only placing accurate bets online but also winning and earning wholesome payouts.

  • Observing not one but about 10 to 15 dragon tiger gaming rounds before placing your first bets is essential as you can observe which betting option is winning the most.
  • This means that out of 10 betting rounds, you must observe which side wins the most rounds, Dragon or Tiger, or Tie. Additionally, you can observe which side betting option wins the most rounds too!
  • This way, you can end up winning more rounds than before after observing the game and then placing your stakes. To try this out, create an account in the W88 register, one of India’s top online betting sites, and see the difference for yourself!

2. Place Bets with a Minimum Betting Amount

What beginner do not know and often tend to overlook is that sometimes, you enter the game rooms at online live casinos with more money than what you have when you leave. And this is something many pros have understood and thus make it their goal to not only win many rounds but also save as much as they can.

  • To do what pros do to save as much of their money they can, you should chance the way you place bets, and that is to always start with the minimum betting rate available in the game room.
  • Doing so would not only help you save and maintain your bankroll by playing with moderate betting stakes but also play more betting rounds to win more.
  • However, to do this, choosing an online betting site which offers low rate game rooms for dragon tiger games is important. Additionally, applying for the bonuses offered by your online betting sites, like the W88 promotion, is important to fill your betting account with cash which does not come from your own pockets!


3. Skip Some Betting Rounds if You Keep Losing

With the above two dragon tiger betting strategy, you can go ahead and start playing the dragon tiger game, and you definitely with see a slight difference with the way you win. However, this difference to be noticed takes a while, especially when you are a beginner and thus, you will have to go back to observing some more betting rounds before you play.

  • This is a time consuming process, but if you want to win more than you lose, then you definitely skip some betting rounds to observe the game some more times.
  • This is something that pro players still continue to do whether they play with high or low stakes since it is one of the most effective dragon tiger winning strategy you can use. Additionally, you can also try playing a rounds and skipping two rounds, then playing again based on your gut feeling.
  • So, when you being playing after observing the game for a while, but still don’t seem to be winning more rounds as you should, then you should try skipping some betting rounds and place bets on the sides mentally.

4. Make Use of the Side Betting Options as Well

Learning how to play dragon tiger online is fun because of its easy betting options, making it one of the most beginner-friendly  games to play online. Here you only have to worry about predicting which side will get the higher rank but sometimes easy or limited betting options can get boring and this why you should check out the dragon tiger side betting options available online.

  • In the dragon tiger game online, there are 4 side betting options that make the betting rounds fun because although they sound simple, they can be slightly difficult to predict unless you are really observing. The betting options are Dragon Odd, Dragon Even, Tiger Odd and Tiger Even.
  • Here, you basically predict whether the card drawn out is an odd or even number depending on which side you bet on.
  • This way, with the main bets you can observe which side betting option wins the most and then place bets on them as a backup bet. Sometimes, you can even place bets on the side betting option alone if you are good with the card counting method.


5. Place Bets on One Betting Option for Some Rounds

As mentioned above, one of the best things about the dragon tiger game online is that you can place online bets on some of the easiest betting options in the betting world. The main betting options only requires you to place bets on any one of the sides including a tie bet to predict which side will get a higher ranking card, this with the above mentioned dragon tiger betting strategy could help you use this next dragon tiger winning strategy.

  • We spoke about how you must learn to focus on the game and observe which betting option keeps winning more betting rounds by keeping track of it. Thus, you must use this information and place bets on the said betting option throughout the gameplay.
  • This does not sound like an attractive dragon tiger winning strategy but believe us, it is one of the most effective strategies you can use to win the dragon tiger game online.
  • Think about it, if you place bets on the most winning betting option for the next 10 betting rounds, then you are most likely to win 7 out of them, which is a pretty impressive outcome.

6. Use a Betting System to Place Bets

Another thing that you must keep in mind is to use your bankroll wisely as besides placing accurate bets, maintaining your bankroll well should be your priority too. This is when pros use betting systems which help them place bets with their bankroll in such a way, that losses seem to have little to no effect on their wallets!

  • Betting systems is one of the most effective ways to maximize profit and minimize loss as a gambler. In fact, betting systems is also used by many traders when they experience losses in investments. There are mainly two types of betting systems, progressive and non-progressive.
  • Progressive betting systems: Progressive betting systems requires you to increase your betting stake or decrease it depending on your wins and losses. This is the most effective betting system that actually helps you win back the money you lose.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems: Non-progressive betting systems are more static in nature when it comes to increasing the money in your wallet. Here, you place bets using the same betting stake again and again whether you win or lose. In the end, you either lose some or win some.


7. Play with the D’Alembert System when using Step 5

in continuation with the above point, progressive betting systems is the best one you can go with if you want to increase the money in your wallet. Although the Martingale betting system is the most famous progressive betting system, it is created for high rollers or investors. This is why you should use it’s alternative the D’Alembert System.

  • The D’Alembert system is a betting system which is beginner friendly as it helps them earn more money without placing huge amounts of betting stakes.
  • In this system, when you experience a loss, you must increase your betting stake for the next round by one unit, and when you eventually win, you will win back the money you previously lost.
  • Taking this method, and applying it to step no. 5, where you have to place bets on one betting option throughout your gameplay would definitely help you experience little to no loss!

8. Calculate the Payouts You Win With the Formula

Using these betting strategies would help you win money in the form of payouts most of the time. This is why you should know how to calculate the payouts when it comes to online betting in dragon tiger games or as a matter of fact any form of betting online.

  • The payout formula you will need is betting odds x betting stake = total payout. Using this, you must calculate total payouts every time you win.
  • This also makes it important for you to understand the betting odds of the dragon tiger game in the game room you select before playing the game. You can do this by accessing the game room rules before you start placing bets.
  • However, if you use W88 live casino online then you can get accurate betting odds and save yourself from any fraudulent activities online as W88 is considered to be one of the most safest online betting sites in India.


9. Keep a Strict Betting Limit for the Day

Playing dragon tiger online can be addictive as it is one of the most fun casino games you can play as a beginner, and thus, to save yourself from falling to the bad end of gambling online, you should take some precautions beforehand.

  • One of the best ways pros take precautions to avoid addiction, is by setting betting limits for the day which you must adhere to no matter what.
  • This means that you should set some money aside to play the dragon tiger game online. But once this limit is over you should leave the table.
  • Such dragon tiger tips and winning strategy should be one of the rigid rules you should adhere to, which means that even if you were winning the rounds, once this limit ends then you should leave for the day.

10. Leave the Table if You Lose More than Yesterday

The last dragon tiger winning strategy is something which is obvious but because of the ideology that playing more would eventually help you earn more, you end up losing more than you should. This unfortunately repeats itself especially when you do not play the game absentmindedly or without a strategy.

  • Let’s be real, online casino games are created so that people get access to and enjoy the thrills of testing their luck online. This means that nobody, even pros, can win betting rounds back to back.
  • Thus, it is important to note that betting strategies for any online casino games are created in a way to help you increase your chances of winning, not help you win every betting round.
  • So, when you think that you are losing the betting rounds, more than you did yesterday, then you just do not have one of the most important aspects of playing casino games for the day, and that is luck. Thus, you can stop playing for the day and make a comeback the next day!

In Conclusion

So, go ahead and pick a dragon tiger betting strategy for yourself to help you increase your winning rate daily and eventually win up to ₹8,000 every day by playing the dragon tiger game online. In fact, these strategies can be applied to almost all kinda of casino games you play but for that we recommend you join a good online betting site like W88. With a W88 new account, you can get access to amazing dragon tiger and other casino game rooms which are easy to play at! To add to this, you can even get a welcome bonus of up to ₹12,000 on casino products upon making your first deposit!