Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners – Win 85% – Masters tested

Looking for tips in blackjack? W88 India shares 5 blackjack tips for beginners here! Read these tips on blackjack to learn how to win 85% more of the game!

Best blackjack tips to win – For new players & beginners

Blackjack is one of the top casino games a player could play in casinos. The main goal of the game is to beat the dealer and the opponent by getting the value of 21 or a number closest to it. Seems easy, right!

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Blackjack includes luck, that is for sure. However, you also need to apply some blackjack tips if you want to win more! This is the reason why W88, a game master on online live casinos, gives out the best blackjack tips to win better!

Scroll this article to know the five effective blackjack winning tips you can apply in your gaming. It is proven to increase wins by 85%, so read these blackjack tips for beginners now!

Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners - Win 85% - Masters tested

Tips in blackjack #1: Learn the Blackjack decks

One of the basic blackjack tips you need to know: learning the Blackjack decks! Yup, you have to know how many decks and what decks you are playing on. Such tips on blackjack like this would save you in your gaming.

Blackjack can be offered in various decks. So! It is important to know if you are playing on a single-deck or a double-deck, on a four-deck, six-deck, or eight-deck game.

Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners - Win 85% - Masters tested

W88, as a great casino provider, believes that fewer decks are better in gaming. These single and double decks can be played on the website via the W88 Live Casino. 

You might see a small sense of deal regarding decks, but when you compute the numbers already, you would know what we are saying is true. So yes! One of the blackjack tips to win is to learn the decks!

Tips in blackjack #2: Playing basic strategies

Now that you know how important a deck is, you must now know that playing the basic strategies is actually the best blackjack tips for beginners!

Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners - Win 85% - Masters tested

One of the best blackjack winning tips, really though, is memorizing the right ways of Blackjack gaming. Know when to hit, stand, split, and double down your hand. Read these strategies and blackjack tips to win for additional info.

Because yes! If you know how to use these basics properly, you can lower the house edge from 1 to 2 percent to .5 percent! Imagine how big that is! You can win 85% or more by following this second tips on blackjack!

Tips in blackjack #3: Go for small bets first

Aside from the basics, one of the best blackjack tips for beginners and thus, the best blackjack winning tips you can ever make? To bet small bets first! Yup, this is one of the best blackjack tips, whether you are a newbie or a pro!

Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners - Win 85% - Masters tested

When playing Blackjack, it is important that you observe. Gauge into the situation before going all-in. In every game, you would hear this phrase. But these are blackjack tips to win!

Through observation, see if your dealer is “hot” or “cold”. Meaning, see if your dealer is the kind of dealer who gives away money easily to its players or always wants to win by keeping the money for himself.

Aside from focusing on your own, one of the blackjack tips to win is to look after your dealer too. Once you determine what kind of dealer he/she may be, then you can start making higher bets or just continue with small bets.

Tips in blackjack #4: Stay cool within your budget

Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners - Win 85% - Masters tested

For sure, Blackjack is a fun game especially when you are new to the play. However, one of the blackjack winning tips for you beginners is to stay cool within your budget. Thus, your bankroll!

Small bets seem little. But do not get burned. If you are looking for blackjack tips to win, this is it. This most probably is the greatest blackjack tips to win—setting a budget and betting within your banking means.

Losing is part of the game. If it is not your day, accept and move on. You do not want to double-lose if you already lost money in the game and lose money in your wallet as well, right? So yes, follow this fourth blackjack tips to win as well!

Tips in blackjack #5: Join Player’s Club W88

Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners - Win 85% - Masters tested

Casinos like W88 offers the most exciting promotions, rewards, and bonuses for their members. If you are new to the field, these must be the superb blackjack tips for beginners you could ever get!

That is right, one of the tips on blackjack is to join player’s clubs—like at W88! By joining such clubs, you can get exclusive gifts and receive additional points in gaming. You can read more of W88 Promotions if you want to read the perks of a W88 member!

The player’s club is one of the hidden blackjack tips to win. In this way, players can get some of the money they invested. Even when you lose your game, you can still get cashback and free games! And indeed, there is a possibility to even increase pot money with 85% or higher! 

Best 5 blackjack tips for beginners - Win 85% - Masters tested

Here in W88, you can get a 100% Welcome Bonus of ₹ 5,000 if you register now! Yes, you can get free and extra ₹ 5,000 if only you deposit at least ₹ 1,000! How amazing, isn’t it—you have a big capital on Blackjack gaming if you avail this W88 promo now!

Blackjack tips for beginners – 85% wins and more at W88

Hope these blackjack tips for beginners would help you better your plays up to 85% and more! For sure you will because these blackjack tips are from the masters! Just do what is stated in these blackjack tips to win! Now that you read the best blackjack tips by W88 India, you must be hyped to start gaming now! 

What are you waiting for? Follow these blackjack tips and W88 register an account to play now!

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