Best 4 5-reel slots – Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

W88 is pleased to provide the best four 5-reel slots in W88! Play these 5-reel slot games with up to 99% RTP. To know how to access 5-reel free slots, read on!

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What are 5-reel slots?

From the name itself, basically, 5-reel slots have additional two reels in the classic 3-reel slot games. Yup, 5-reel slot games have five vertical lines. And as 5-reel slots have higher reels than the classics, players could hit more and more money because of these added pay lines here!

If you are interested to play 5-reel free slots, click the buttons above to access free 5-reel slot games via the W88. While scroll on to know more about the 5-reel slot games. We would share with you the advantages, disadvantages, as well as top 5-reel slot games you can play, so tune in!

Review of 5-reel slots: Advantages & Disadvantages

We all know it—no game is perfect and every play has its advantages and disadvantages. Know more about the strengths and weaknesses of 5-reel slot games by reading this section!

3 most valuable advantages of 5-reel slots

Best 4 5-reel slots - Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

1. 5-reel slots have variations

As said above, 5-reel slots are similar to 3-reel slot games but it has five-vertical-lined reels. However, aside from that fact, 5-reel slot games actually have variations.

Standard 5-reel slots that people know have 5 columns and 3 rows. You read that right, 5-reel slots can have 3 rows—similar to the classic ones. But! More rows can be added here as well! This is why you can see 5-reel slots with 5 rows and more.

2. 5-reel slot games give away higher payouts

Best 4 5-reel slots - Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

The added two vertical lines than the usual slots make a big difference to the payouts. Since there are more reels to strike on, it gives the player a minimum of 15 possible added pay lines. Because there are more pay lines to hit on, higher payouts are coming your way as well!

3. 5-reel slot games have bonus features

What makes 5-reel slot games much more fun than ever? It has bonus features! Here at 5-reel slots, you can get bigger bonuses from the free spins, respins, wilds, scatters, and other rewards depending on the slot you are playing on!

The disadvantage of 5-reel slot games

Best 4 5-reel slots - Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

5-reel slot games are truly amazing! There is only one comment that W88 could say about the 5-reel slots which is: players should remember that not all 5-reel slot games have the same payouts and odds.

Some 5-reel slots are top-paying. Some 5-reel slot games give away bonuses more often than the others. Plus, depending on the return to player or RTP of the said game, of course, money backs differ from one slot to the other.

Players should keep in mind that 5-reel slot games truly give away big money and jackpots. However, it still depends on the 5-reel slots you are playing on.

4 of the best 5-reel slots – RTP ranging in 97-99%

Gamers and players alike can play real slots in W88. However, if you are still new to this gaming and wants to try them at first, you could do that too! W88 has lots of free 5-reel slot machine games you can try on!

And speaking of free 5-reel slot games, W88 Asia is here to share with you the best 5-reel slot games that you can play on the website! Available for both real gaming and playing for fun, make sure to visit these best 5-reel free slots on W88!

Best 4 5-reel slots - Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

Top 1: Ugga Bugga – RTP of 99.07%

And first, and the best: Ugga Bugga! Yes, Ugga Bugga is the top when it comes to 5-reel slot games in W88! Its unique slot reels is a favorite because it surprises every player by holding the slot reels to see if you win the jackpot or other bonus features.

Aside from the interactive game, it also gives away an RTP of 99.07%, so players are ensured that they can play enjoyably while earning lots and lots of money! Indeed, this the best slot game to play on W88 Slots whether for real or free 5-reel slot games!

Best 4 5-reel slots - Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

Top 2: Blood Suckers – RTP of 98%

The second best in real gaming and free 5-reel slots would be Blood Suckers! Yup, Blood Suckers also stands out at W88 Slots!

This fantasy 5-reel slots where you are as if inside a castle is very thrilling and exciting. Moreover, its RTP is as high as 98%, so getting a jackpot would add more chills when you play this game!

Best 4 5-reel slots - Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

Top 3: Golden Tour – RTP of 97.71%

Another top reel slot machine in W88 whether for free 5-reel slots or real slot gaming? The Golden Tour! With a high RTP of 97.71%, for sure, you would love to play here!

It is not just the game the is golden. But also your wallet after playing this game! Indeed, this reel slot machine is gold! Access this 5-reel free slots at W88 now!

Best 4 5-reel slots - Play free at W88 with up to RTP 99%

Top 4: Reel Rush – RTP of 97%

One of the best 5-reel slot games in W88 is the Reel Rush. It has a high RTP of 97%. Plus, its vibrant colors in the slots dashboard make it very appealing to play. The rush is real here as well because players win often—and they all win big!

Try this free 5-reel slot machine games at W88 now and see how amazing its gameplay and features are!

Try free 5-reel slot machine games, then play for real at W88 now!

W88 has now shared the secret basics of the 5-reel slot games. Thus, the best 5-reel slots ever! What is nice about W88 Slots, you are free to try the trials of 5-reel free slots on the website. If you’re not yet ready to play for real, access the free 5-reel slot machine games first. But if you ready now, go to W88 now!

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