12 Best Football betting strategies for good winning payouts

The 12 Best Football betting strategies that work 100% are revealed! Use these betting strategies for football to boost win rate & earn up to ₹15,000 every day!

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W88 Betting online on popular football matches is the new form of entertainment as well as making extra cash. The former is easier for football fans but the latter requires some pro football betting strategies to win. So, in this article, we have covered the best football betting strategies that you will need to ace your bets on any football matches on popular betting sites like W88, so read on!

12 football betting strategies to win payouts every day


1. Make use of Statistical charts in the sportsbook

  • The first and most important one of the football betting strategies that you can use is to be sure of taking advantage of the football betting site’s equipment, especially the statistical charts in the sportsbook.
  • Statistical charts provide you with information on the previous matches played by the teams to help you assess accurate betting decisions.
  • Thus, referring to the statistical charts of the teams before wagering gives you a clear idea of which team has a better chance of winning than the other among other important betting decisions.

2. Wager more on lower betting odds

  • Another one of the good football betting strategies that you can use is to wager more on lower betting odds since they also help you determine which team is most likely to win.
  • Lower odds are given to the teams with higher chances of winning and since the risk of wagering on them is low, the payout is also lower.
  • However, these lower odds are derived by comparing statistics of the teams, and so even if you win in smaller amounts, winning is almost guaranteed when wagering on lower odds.

12 football betting strategies to win the best payouts

3. Bet on options like Over/Under to predict total scores

  • When it comes to football betting strategies, finding the most appealing one is simple as all you must do is wager on the options that are easier to win, like the Over/Under betting option on sportsbooks like the W88 Sportsbook.
  • Betting options like Over and Under require you to predict the total score of both teams and leave room for no competition between the teams like 1X2, match winner, and other betting options.
  • There are variants to Over/Under bets as well where you can predict the total score of individual teams, and using the football betting strategies of glancing at the statistical charts can help you ace these bets.

4. Use the Double Chance betting option to your advantage

  • Another simple betting option that you can wager on is the side football betting option called the Double Chance bets where you must predict two out of three outcomes of the match.
  • The sub-betting options in Double Chance betting let you wager on the outcomes of team 1 winning or tie, team 2 winning or tie, and team 1 or team 2 winning.
  • This gives you more room to increase your winning chances as you can wager on 2 out of the 3 possibilities, and thus Double Chance betting makes one of the good football betting strategies.

5. Apply a betting system on your bankroll

  • Betting is fun but it is very important to maintain the bankroll you use for playing football betting online, and one of the good football betting strategies you can use is applying betting systems to your bankroll.
  • Betting systems can be progressive in nature which provides instant results as the betting stakes keep changing based on the wins and losses.
  • Or they can be non-progressive in nature where you must maintain the same betting stake to receive overtime rewards.

12 football betting strategies to win the best winning payouts

6. Use the D’Alembert progressive method to wager

  • If you wish to use more progressive betting systems since they provide you with instant results, then you must ensure to use low-risk systems like the D’Alembert method.
  • The D’Alembert method requires you to wager by increasing a unit of your betting stake on lost bets but decreasing it by one unit on winning bets.
  • This way you get noticeable returns at the end of the betting rounds the more you win using other best football betting strategies mentioned here.

7. Wager with the Flat betting system on major leagues

  • Non-progressive betting systems are another one of the good football betting strategies that can help you save your bankroll amount carefully, and the Flat betting system is a famous non-progressive bet system.
  • The flat betting method requires you to set a fixed wagering amount based on a certain percentage of your bankroll and bet with that amount for a certain period of time. After the time is completed, you will notice an increment in your bankroll.
  • Using another similar percentage from this new bankroll, you must increase the betting stakes and wager for another period of time to notice an increment. The flat betting system is one of the good football betting strategies for betting on longer leagues.

8. Make use of the Handicap conditions to determine the match winner

  • When you have to determine the bets that require you to predict the match winner, then you can make use of the given handicap betting conditions as one of your best football betting strategies.
  • Handicap conditions are given in such a way wherein the stronger team gets handicap scores and the underdog team gets headstart scores at the beginning of the match.
  • Thus, it is important that you look at these given conditions to easily identify the team with a better chance of winning along with the betting odds. Join and play the W88 Football betting today to try and test out the football betting strategies.

12 football betting strategies to win the big winning payouts

9. Avoid placing Parley bets in the sportsbook

  • Parley betting in sportsbooks is an easy way to boost your winning payouts as it requires you to tie more than one betting option in a single bet, thereby increasing the stakes and thus the payouts.
  • But as a football betting winning strategy it is important to remember that more returns mean higher risks, and thus, Parley betting does not make one of the best betting strategies for football and must be avoided.
  • This is because all your bets have to win in Parley betting for the main bet to win, which is something that happens rarely and consists of a lot of risk of losing your betting stakes.

10. Make use of online sportsbook bonuses and promotions

  • Although this is not a football betting winning strategy, it is important to acknowledge this football betting trick to boost your online account wallet.
  • This tip is to apply for any promotions on the sportsbook products that your betting site offers you as a welcome bonus on your first deposit.
  • For instance, if you join W88 then you can claim up to ₹15,000 on sportsbook products as a first deposit bonus offer which is a great deal to boost your account wallet.

12 football betting strategies to win payouts on betting online

11. Set a losing limit to maintain your bankroll

  • One important factor that can work as one of the best betting strategies for football is acknowledging that you may not win all the bets placed and that these football betting strategies help in winning most of the bets.
  • Thus, you can avoid losing a lot of cash on those losing bets by setting a losing limit on your main bankroll to maintain it well.
  • Setting a losing limit as your football betting winning strategy helps you understand when it is time to stop playing betting for the day so that you save up on your existing bankroll and come back later to the game with sure luck.

12. Keep track of the Football world updates

  • To know how to win football betting online, it is first important to understand the sport itself, how it is played, and what exactly it takes for a team to win the match.
  • You can easily pick up on these things by keeping track of the football world updates via social media, articles, or betting sites and their promotion offers.
  • Although this may seem insignificant, understanding the teams, players, player transfers, and even injuries of the members, helps in determining which team has a better chance of winning when playing football betting online.

football betting strategies to win the big winning payouts


These are the 12 Football Betting Strategies that can help you ace your bets on popular online betting platforms like W88 India. Be sure to understand each and every football betting winning strategy well in order to use them efficiently over time. No matter which betting option you wager on, these best football betting strategies can help boost your winning rate and grant you high winning payouts on football match betting online.