10 Dota 2 strategies and techniques by W88indi guide to win!

Know the top 10 Dota 2 strategies and techniques by W88indi expert guide. Use bet systems, payout managing strategy, & more to earn up to ₹1,000 on Dota 2 bets!

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Dota 2 is one of the most famous Esports games that you can play on popular betting sites like the W88 website. This is because the Dota 2 game not only gives you the best betting equipment but also provides you with fun online gameplay that is action-packed and entertaining. So, now the only thing you will need to ace Dota 2 bets online is some good Dota 2 strategies and techniques, 10 of which are mentioned below.

dota 2 strategies and techniques to win big

1. Make use of Betting systems to manage your bankroll

  • The first and most important of them all Dota 2 strategies and techniques is to make use of a good online betting system which can be progressive or non-progressive in nature.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to change your betting stakes now and then based on your wins and losses.
  • Whereas non-progressive betting systems require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout your gameplay regardless of your wins and losses.

2. Use the progressive betting system to increase payout earnings instantly

  • Progressive betting systems are something that can help you gain instant payouts at the end of your betting systems. Create an account in the W88 Register today to wager with progressive systems.
  • So, it is good to use low-risk progressive systems like the D’Alembert method to increase your bankroll instantly at the end of every Dota 2 match.
  • The D’Alembert method states that you should increase your wager by one unit on lost bets and then decrease them again by one unit or go back to the initial betting stake when you win so that you see instant payouts after the end of the gaming sessions.

dota 2 strategies and techniques to win big payouts online

3. Wager on Dota 2 leagues using Flat betting methods for overtime increment

  • If you wish to play online getting on Dota 2 matches with non-progressive betting systems then you can use the Flat betting method which is effective as well.
  • Here you must wager online with the same betting stake regardless of whether you win or lose, for a good amount of time, till you notice an increment in your bankroll.
  • After that, you must set a new wagering amount to repeat the same betting method. This betting system works as one of the good Dota 2 strategies and techniques for wagering on league matches.

4. Observe Map 1 and wager on Map 2 or Map 3 to predict match winner bets

  • When it comes to wagering on any online betting sports, observation helps in making accurate predictions, and thus, this is also one of the most effective Dota 2 strategies and techniques to use.
  • Observing Map 1 matches is a good Dota 2 strategy guide that can help you predict outcomes for Map 2 or Map 3. Use the W88 Sportsbook today to try observing Dota 2 matches today!
  • So, if you do not want to wager on Map 1, then you can simply observe the game, and then play in-play live betting on Map 2 or Map 3.

dota 2 strategies and techniques guide by w88indi

5. Avoid wagering on Early market Over and Under match bets

  • Another popular betting option for Dota 2 betting online is the Over and Under betting option, and although this betting option is easy for other sports betting, it can be tricky for ESports betting online.
  • What this means is that Dota 2 and other ESports matches take place in 2 or 3 sets also known as Maps. Thus, Over and Under bets here requires you to predict how many map total rather than team scores.
  • This is thus tricky to wager on, especially on early markets, and thus it must be avoided as a good Dota 2 Tips and Tricks to follow.

6. Wager on the option with lower betting odds to win with lower risks easily

  • In continuation with the aforementioned point, besides using these Dota 2 Strategies and techniques, it is extremely important to have fun, and thus, you can wager on Over and Under betting options.
  • So, as a way to predict which betting option is more likely to win, you must make full use of the given betting odds in the sportsbook for the matches. Lower odds come with low risk, and thus as a Dota 2 Strategy guide, we recommend wagering more on lower odds.
  • Thus, wagering on higher odds could definitely grant you more payouts since you have to defy those odds. But lower betting odds can guarantee to help you win more effectively. Use the W88 Free Credit of ₹250 today to wager on lower odds for Dota 2 matches.

dota 2 strategies and techniques by w88 guide to win

7. Track team progress for different Dota 2 leagues right before the match

  • Just as it is stated in the above Dota 2 strategies and techniques, observation can help make accurate betting decisions on W88 Dota 2 Sportsbook, but this is not only limited to the live stream of the matches.
  • You must also be sure to check the team’s stats report, and other important information of their previous matches to track helpful data to make accurate betting predictions.
  • It is also important to keep track of the different leagues, which team is stronger than the other, and other important information like team player switches, etc. which all aid in making good betting decisions.

8. Do not be biased towards a team when placing real money bets

  • Making good betting decisions is one of the most helpful Dota 2 strategy guide tips to win. And so, you should learn not to be biased toward a team to save your money.
  • What this means is that you may have favorites when it comes to ESports betting, especially since there are many good Dota 2 teams and players.
  • But it is also important to acknowledge that some team will always have the upper hand over your team, and so, to save money on your bankroll, avoid being biased towards a team and wager on the other one instead if their chances of winning seem better.

dota 2 strategies and techniques by w88 guide to win big payouts

9. Apply for sportsbook bonuses to boost your online account wallet

  • Speaking of saving money, another one of the most helpful online betting Dota 2 strategy guide tips to avoid spending a lot of cash from your own pockets is to use the sportsbook bonuses offered by your online betting site.
  • These bonuses usually come as a welcome offer on your first deposit on new member accounts and instantly boost your online gaming wallet with a good amount of cash for playing betting online.
  • For instance, under the W88 Promotion section on the official website, you will find a 100% up to ₹15,000 sportsbook bonus that you can claim on making your very first deposits in your new account in the W88 register.

10. Watch live stream of Dota 2 games, and bet on local teams now and then

  • The last Dota 2 strategy guide takes place outside the sportsbook wherein you should watch live streaming gameplays and wager on your local teams by applying these Dota 2 Strategies and techniques to win.
  • This way you can learn how to make quick betting decisions, understand the art of observations, and also learn how to master betting with betting systems to increase your bankroll amount in no time.
  • You can use popular media like YouTube or just log into the W88 website to watch live streams of Dota 2 matches brought to you by the Twitch server to watch Dota 2 gameplays.

dota 2 strategies and techniques by w88 guide for big payout wins


These 10 Dota 2 Strategies and techniques will help you boost your online account bankroll in no time, especially if you are using online betting sites like W88 India. We recommend wagering online Dota 2 matches using put Dota 2 strategy guide today by creating an account in the W88 register. Using W88 opens opportunities to claim exciting W88 promotion offers, W88 free credit bonuses, and many more things. For more such betting strategies and tutorials, keep visiting the W88indi betting guide.

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