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Basketball is one of the most popular sports among Indians, especially since league matches are held on a regular basis. So, to pique your interest in exciting basketball games online, we recommend using the W88 sportsbook to partake in some thrilling sports betting online while following these 12 pro basketball betting tips to help you win every bet online.

1. Pick a hot basketball game to bet on in the sportsbook

online basketball betting tips and tricks

  •  The first key basketball betting tip is to bet on games that are deemed hot in the sportsbook.
  • This means that you should bet on basketball matches involving two of the best teams in the globe online to obtain better odds and more excitement.
  • Creating an account in the W88 Register can assist you in accomplishing this, as you will receive updates, statistics charts, and even live gameplay broadcasts on such heated basketball contests.

2. Always bet on lesser odds for the best results

  • The betting odds are one of the best strategies to always win basketball bets in the sportsbook since they indicate which team has a better possibility of winning.
  • Higher odds are given to teams who have a lower likelihood of winning, therefore betting on such teams means you are risking your stakes in order to obtain higher payments.
  • This is why, to achieve practically certain winnings almost every time, we advocate gambling on lower odds so that you bet with low risk and, even if you win in modest quantities, you will win nonetheless.

3. Learn how to use statistical charts in the sportsbook

10 best basketball betting tips and strategies

  • Customers can view data charts of prior matches played between the clubs at online sportsbooks such as W88 Sportsbook.
  • These charts, along with the betting odds, are useful in determining which team is most likely to win and must thus be used.
  • This betting reveals years of data that has been correctly compiled for simpler understanding, and because betting odds fluctuate during live matches, you can return to these charts for even more precise forecasts.

4. Stop betting on your favorite teams

  • Most gamblers participate in Basketball Betting Online to support their favorite teams, but being realistic is critical to winning these bets.
  • As a result, your basketball team may be the underdog in a contest at times, and if you want to win, we recommend avoiding betting on your favorite team in that match.
  • This, of course, does not imply that you are betraying your team, despite the appearance. However, because wagering takes money, it is critical to be practical and not overly enthusiastic about it.

5. Use a betting system in your gameplay

win online basketball betting tips and tricks

  • Winning bets might often imply more money in your bankroll at the end of a gaming session, so you should think about betting with betting methods.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to increase your betting amount after each loss or victory.
  • They can, however, be non-progressive, requiring you to retain the same betting stake throughout the period you choose to gamble on matches.

6. Use the progressive D’Alembert system more frequently

  • With the aforementioned Basketball betting tips, it is evident that progressive betting systems clearly help you get more income; however, it is critical to choose a low-risk one.
  • For example, the D’Alembert method is the ideal progressive betting system in which you must increase your stake by one unit for each lost match bet so that when you finally win a match bet, you also receive the lost money as a payment.
  • However, in order to keep your bankroll, you must reduce your stake by one unit as a helpful tip while learning How to Win Basketball Betting online.

7. Bet on low-risk wagering choices such as the Over/Under

basketball betting tips and tricks to win more real money

  • Another effective method for betting and winning on basketball games is to employ low-risk betting alternatives such as Over/Under Basketball Betting.
  • In basketball betting, you must guess whether the total score will be higher or lower than the set margin.
  • So, when determining which sub-betting alternatives to choose, statistics charts come in handy. In basketball betting online, there are numerous Over/Under bets.

8. Bet on early matches to get higher odds

  • As previously stated, wagering on lower odds is one of the finest strategies for basketball betting, but in order to achieve fantastic lower odds, you should consider opting for early matches.
  • Early matches are based on professional forecasts, which means they are bound to alter after the event begins depending on actual results.
  • We recommend betting on early matches for good payouts to lock in higher odds before the match ends.

9. For in-play betting, keep an eye on the live action

basketball betting tips and tricks online

  • If you opt to wager on live basketball games, which adds to the excitement of gambling, you will need another piece of equipment to make correct predictions.
  • This equipment is the live match itself, which is played in sportsbooks such as W88 and assists in producing accurate predictions based on genuine action.
  • Furthermore, you can watch the game and odds in the first half of the game and wager on the second half for more accurate wins.

10. Examine the Handicap conditions before placing a wager on the money line

  • Going for easy betting possibilities is simple, but it can take away the joys of gambling on the money line bet that predicts end-match results.
  • To accurately anticipate, look at the handicap conditions before wagering on the money line bet, as handicap conditions inform you which side is the favorite and which is the underdog.
  • Using this strategy, you should place a wager on the money line sub-betting option on the team with the negative handicap conditions because they are the stronger ones.


These are the 12 expert basketball betting tips and tricks that will help you bet correctly. Apply these betting tips to increase your winnings, and collect the sportsbook bonus to increase your account balance. For a better bargain, visit the W88 website, which offers new players up to a $15,000 bonus on their initial deposit and new account, as well as a $250 free bet for validating their accounts for security concerns.