3 Sic Bo strategies + 2 winning Sic Bo betting strategies

Looking for some simple but winning Sic Bo strategies? W88 India shares effective Sic Bo betting strategies that would help you level up your game higher!

But first, the Sic Bo game rules

Before W88 shares the Sic Bo winning strategy list, you must know the Sic Bo rules first. No worries though, W88 India shared and would share it in a basic way so even newbies can understand the Sic Bo game rules.

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If you want more in-depth Sic Bo game rules and additional tips and tricks, feel free to browse the link in the See More portion. But basically, the Sic Bo rules only refer to its main objective: to predict the correct total number of the three dices.

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Yup! Just knowing the main objective, you already know almost all the Sic Bo game rules. Because from there, you would learn the number cluster in the table. Thus, the bets you want to place. Sic Bo game rules are just easy, really.

Winning and effective Sic Bo strategies

Although Sic Bo game rules are easy, it is also a good tactic to know some Sic Bo strategies. Especially when W88 gambling and you want to win more, forming a Sic Bo betting strategy of yours or learning a Sic Bo winning strategy of one or two would go a long way.

Without further ado, here are the 3 most effective Sic Bo strategies! Thus, amazing Sic Bo strategies that could help you play better and win better!

3 Sic Bo strategies + 2 Winning Sic Bo betting strategies

Sic Bo Winning Strategy #1: Choose Small and Big Bets

W88 India suggests that your first Sic Bo winning strategy must be choosing Small and Big bets inside of the other side bets. Why? Because this Sic Bo winning strategy is guaranteed to have excellent payouts.

The probability of choosing Small and Big bets are high. Chances are, you would win either way, just by choosing Small and Big bets. So if you are to place your biggest and highest bets, it must be on the Small or Big bets. This Sic Bo winning strategy is known to prove, so do it.

Sic Bo BetsOddsProbabilityPayoutHouse Edge

Sic Bo Betting Strategy #2: Place Combination Bets

3 Sic Bo strategies + 2 Winning Sic Bo betting strategies

Another Sic Bo betting strategy? Combination bets! 

Aside from the Small and Big bets, it is the Combination bets that also garner high winning odds. Due to their relatively low house edge, placing combination bets are a good Sic Bo betting strategy as well.

Sic Bo BetsOddsProbabilityPayoutHouse Edge
470/11.59%62:112.43 %

Sic Bo Winning Strategy #3: Explore your gaming

Now that you know the two Sic Bo strategies, it is also important to apply this third Sic Bo winning strategy which is to explore your gaming. Players who wish to win big must check out this best technology, sic bo prediction software & get benefited in no time.

3 Sic Bo strategies + 2 Winning Sic Bo betting strategies

Learning the game on your own is an advantage, so try some free trials to explore your gaming. That is right! Try to read some tips and watch Sic Bo tutorials for more knowledge. 

Then, once you gathered all those knowledge, apply it to the game. You could try it via free trial first before heading to the real game for practice, too. This Sic Bo betting strategy is effective because you are hands-on on your own level of gaming.

W88 Casino – Sic Bo strategies to win

Aside from these 3 Sic Bo strategies mentioned, W88 India would also like to share 2 winning Sic Bo betting strategies that could help you with your payouts.

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3 Sic Bo strategies + 2 Winning Sic Bo betting strategies

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3 Sic Bo strategies + 2 Winning Sic Bo betting strategies

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