What is Rakeback in Online Poker – 10% Reload deal of ₹3,750

What is Rakeback in Online Poker? It is Promotional deal on Winning amounts in Poker. Know how does it work & up your cash wallet with ₹3,750 daily at W88 India.

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If you are a casino enthusiast, then you probably know that playing Poker is the most fun thing to do at online casinos. This is because Poker is a game that is not only fun but also a game that can immediately make you the cool person in the room if you know the tricks of playing Poker well.


However, you probably also know, that playing online Poker can be expensive because the minimum betting limits start from ₹50! This is because Poker is a famous casino game, that many people enjoy playing and so, the demand, as well as cost, is high. But what if I told you that there is a way where you can get all your money back from playing Poker online using sites like W88?

What does Rakeback Mean in Poker?

As it is mentioned above, Poker is a game that is the most fun casino game to play online, however, it can also be expensive as there are many betting rounds in a single Poker round. This means that you will need to make bets again and again till you get the best hand. But depending on the number of players playing at a table, the payout is good, so it is indeed worth making all those bets. But what about the times you lose many rounds as well as your money? This is when Rakeback in Poker can help you out.

But what exactly is Rakeback in Poker? And how can it help you win at Poker?

  • Well, Rakeback does not help you win any poker rounds, but instead, it helps you get back some amount of money, at the end of the game, that you spent on the Pot while playing Poker.
  • Thus, Rakeback refers to the proportion of money that you get back as a promotional deal on winning amounts in Poker.

So, when you first learn how to play Poker, you may win, especially if you use sites like Dafabet or W88. However, since Poker is highly a game based on Luck, there is a chance that you can lose many rounds and in turn lose a lot of cash. This is when you can depend on Rakeback to earn some of your money back.


How Does Rakeback Work?

At this point, you must be thinking that Rakeback is too good to be true, right? But let me tell you, Rakeback is indeed real and works, as long as you choose a good site that will help you earn more Rakeback. Hang on to this Article a little more to explore some of the best Poker Rakeback deals you can get from the Top 3 online betting sites.

Getting back to the answer to how does Rakeback work in Poker, let us sit together across each other at a Poker table using our imaginations and play a Poker round.

  • Now, the first thing you will need to do is make a bet – since the minimum betting rate for most Poker sites is ₹50, let us say you made a 50-chip bet.
  • So, imagine that you played 10 Poker rounds, and spent about ₹1,000 for the day, including all the extra bets.
  • So, if the site you play gives back a 30% Rakeback, then you will get ₹300 back for the day. You can also get Rakeback weekly depending on the amount you spent playing Poker per week.

So, understanding what Rakeback is is simple and the working of it is simple as well. It basically means that you get some amount of money back or refunded, depending on how much you spent at the Poker room for the day or week. Getting rake backs weekly is better than earning rake backs daily.

2 Common Types of Rakeback in Poker

Poker is a game with many betting rounds, so earning a huge amount of Rakeback every game you play is easy. However, besides depending on the amount you spend, Rakeback is calculated by the poker room based on certain criteria. Meaning that there are types of Rakeback in Poker. Now that you know what Rakeback in Poker means, let us take a look at the different kinds of Rakeback in Poker that you can earn.


#1. Contributed Rakeback based on Bets Made

The first type of Rakeback in Poker is the Contributed Rakeback, which is based on the Bets Made. This is a common form of Rakeback that is given to Poker Room Customers.

  • In this, the rake is based on the overall bets, that is overall money you put in the pot, while you play Poker.
  • So, if you spent ₹100 in a poker game and the rake back you will receive is 10%, then you will get ₹10 back,

#2. Dealt Rakeback Based on Hands Dealt

The second kind of Rakeback is another common type seen and it is also known as Shared Rakeback. This is the way the Rakeback is usually calculated when there are more players.

  • So now imagine that you are playing Poker with 3 other people, making it 4 players on the table. And the overall money in the pot is ₹500.
  • Here, if the house offers a 10% Rakeback, so that makes the Rakeback amount ₹50, which is then distributed evenly among all 4 players on the Poker table. This means that you will earn ₹12.5.

Why you should play Poker with Rakeback Deals?

The answer to this is pretty simple – Why not?! Rakeback offered by Poker is the best way to get back the money you spent in Poker. It is a simple theory, spending a lot of money on playing casino games often makes other people look down on cool gambling skills. So the idea is to remain the cool person who knows how to gamble well along with the person who knows how to not spend a lot of money on online Poker games!


Rakeback in Pokers is better when they are given weekly. These sites include Dafabet and Betway which offer you Weekly and Daily Rakeback W88 Promo to keep you playing at their sites.

  1. Dafabet’s Casino Bonus Rescue: Dafabet is widely known as being one of Asia’s top online betting sites for the top-quality service that it offers its customers. As a Dafabet member, you will get up to ₹7,000 every week if the amount in your Account goes below ₹70.
  2. Betway’s Weekly Freebet Offer: Betway, another brilliant online betting site, has always emphasized Responsible Gaming online. So, it offers you a weekly ₹500 Free Bet for every ₹500 you spent playing games!
  3. With W88 win ₹3,750 Daily: The best offer is often saved for the last and that is the W88 Rakeback offer where you can win 3,750 daily! All you must do is play daily using W88’s game rooms and you can win cash up to ₹3,750 daily!

3 Important Roles that Rakeback in Poker Plays

As mentioned above, Rakeback promotion deals are the best way to keep your cash in check on your online betting account. Using this, you can get back at least some amount of money that you spent while playing.

  1. Keeps the Players Playing: Thanks to Rakeback offers, many skilled Poker players get to play the game without worrying about losing their cash. This is because they can get back at least some amount back when they finish playing for the week. So, because of this more players continue playing poker online.
  2. Players Earn Cash Returns: As mostly stated above, the purpose of Rakeback is to help you win earn back the money you lost while playing at online casinos. This is one of the important purposes of Rakeback to help you maintain a good amount of cash on your online betting site.
  3. Rakeback works as small investments: Lastly, Rakeback can work as a good way of investing. Although this would only apply if you use sites like Dafabet, Betway, or W88 that offer you up to ₹3,750 cashback for playing at the game rooms offered by W88’s official site.

In Conclusion

Now you know what is Rakeback in Online Poker. It is something that can help you get some amount of cash you spent playing online poker back. This way, you can maintain a proper budget that you can use to play Poker online. With this, we hope you choose a site that offers top-quality Rakeback offers that will help you not only boost the amount of cash in your account but also help you play more!