What is W88 Poker kicker – Learn how-to-play, rules & hands

Searching on what is W88 poker kicker? We got everything you need to know on poker kicker rules, cards, hands & more. Read more to win last-minute poker hands!

W88 Poker Kicker Poker Kicker

Experienced poker players know about the Poker Kicker as it is the last resort to win a match in a Poker game. However, don’t worry if you’re a beginner. W88indi is all ears to listen and solve your queries on everything related to the kicker cards in poker. Let’s break it down step by step.

What is a poker kicker in W88?

A kicker in poker is a side card that is used to determine the total card value of the player’s hands when there’s a tie, and the hand rankings aren’t enough to win a match. The Kicker in poker breaks the ties between the players determining which hand will win based on the remaining cards discarding the pairs.


For example, a player having K-K-10-5-4 has 10, 5 and 4 as kicker cards.

These kicker cards can win if the cards of the other player have a lower rank than this or have no pair. K-Q-5-3-2 cannot beat this hand as it has no pair whereas Q-Q-8-5-2 also cannot win as it has a lower rank.

At W88, there are numerous poker games that you can find, right from the classic Texas Hold’em to the newly popular Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. Read ahead to know how to use kicker cards on W88 Texas Hold’em.

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How to play W88 Poker Kicker in Texas Hold’em?

Poker kickers are of much importance in Texas Hold’em as you’re dealing with 2 cards in hand and 5 cards on the poker board. To win the poker game, players have to make the best card combination with the cards in hand and cards on the table.


The kicker in a poker game is the rest of the cards apart from the rankings that help determine the hand value when the rankings aren’t enough. So, let’s take up two examples of poker kicker two pair and one pair to clearly understand the use of the kicker cards in Texas Hold’em.

 Two pair example 1: If the player has a combination of A-A-K-K-5. Here, 5 is the kicker card as the other two are pairs.

One pair example 2: If the player has a combination of A-A-3-6-J. Here, 3, 6 and J are the kicker cards.


Sometimes, it does happen that even the kicker cards show the same value for both the players. In such cases, the pot is split half among both the players.

Tie example 3: If the player has A-8 in hand and the other player has A-6 in hand, and the cards on the board are A-A-K-Q-J, then both the players will make A-A-A-K-Q as their best winning hands and the match will result in a tie. 

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3 Basic Poker Kicker Rules

As we saw above, kicker cards are essential as it is the last resort or the last option to win the match. The poker kicker runs on 3 basic rules:


  1. Kicker cards determine the card’s total value when both the players result in a tie.
  2. A player can win the match with the kicker cards if the other player has a lower rank or no pair compared to his kicker cards.
  3. One pair, Two pair and Tie are the three results drawn while using kicker cards to determine the winner.

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Poker Kickers are a life saviour that can help you win a big jackpot if you’re lucky. How to play kicker cards in Texas Hold’em and what would be the result determining your win is detailed in this article. Along with that, learn the basic kicker card rules to make the best hand combination and win the bet. Roll on wagers at W88 now!