W88 Money Blast Game 2024 – Get ₹300 Free Bet – Play & Earn

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What is the W88 Money Blast game?

Since ancient times, betting has kept many people’s hearts alive. To keep this tradition ongoing, the Money Blast game was introduced. Since then, it has become the most enticing casino game online. Money blast offers a unique betting style that is loved by gamblers worldwide. It is a rocket racing game wherein bets are placed by the six participants who struggle to complete the mission first. Know about the various money blast tips and tricks through this guide to improve your gameplay.


The game consists of missiles varying from 1 to 6, and the players are expected to predict which rocket will finish the mission first by crossing the finish line and place bets on it. The players whose predictions match the results of the game win exciting rewards.

How to Play W88 Money Blast in 3 simple steps

Money Blast game is one of the best entertaining games on W88, with an outstanding interface, high audio and video quality. To start with the W88 Money Blast game, follow the below three steps:

Step 1: Log in to your W88 account.


  • The first step to start playing the W88 Money Blast game is to log in to your W88 profile.
  • In case you don’t have an account, create it on the W88 register.

Step 2: Click on the Games tab and select Money Blast game.


  • Once you have successfully logged in, locate the Games tab on the menu bar.
  • Select Money Blast game under it and start your gameplay by clicking on TRY.

Step 3: Start your betting on W88 Money Blast Game

  • Players are allowed to bet chips on the rockets or side bets.
  • The basic rule of the game is to predict the outcome of which rocket will finish first in the lap.
  • The game starts once the betting time is over.
  • Players predicting the correct outcome receive an equal payout ratio similar to their original bet amount.
  • Once the game starts, the foremost thing players must do is guess the outcome.
  • After that, the player continues to place a bet on any one of the six rockets or side bets during the betting period.
  • After the race is over, the winner is announced. The one with the correct prediction wins the match.
  • The players who are not able to predict the correct outcome lose the bet.
  • Example: If a player places a bet of ₹200 on rocket number 3 and it arrives at 3 – the player wins ₹600 (200 x3 = ₹600).
  • At the same time, if any player places a bet on rocket number 2 and the outcome arrives at 3 – the player loses all his money.

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7 Must Know Beginner Rules of W88 Money Blast Game

  1. The betting starts with six rockets in serial numbers and a door that decides if the player is human or devil.
  2. A 20-second countdown takes place, and the race starts at the origin or starting line.
  3. The game ends with any one of the rockets reaching the finish line first.
  4. Bettors should fix a comparable bet level according to their monetary situation.
  5. Players must know and understand when to limit their betting exercises.
  6. The player that is the first one to predict the outcome wins the match.
  7. The jackpot or bonus bet amount gets instantly credited to the winner’s account. Although, if the player loses the match, he also loses the entire bet amount.

Types of Bet on W88 Money Blast Game

A game with simple betting rules and outstanding graphics has caught the attention of gamblers. With just two types, no confusion, easy gameplay, the W88 Money Blast Game is rising in demand. Let us look at the two betting types of the W88 Money Blast Game.


Rocket Bet

All the six rockets in each bet are placed in serial order from 1 to 6. Each rocket is splendid colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Green. The players have to think and decide the best possible outcome. A bonus reward is received by the player on his exact prediction of the rocket reaching the finish line. A 1:5 probability win ratio is considered according to the rules of the W88 Money Blast Game.

Human or Devil Bet

The participants take up any one of the two forms: human or devil. When the game is over and the result matches the prediction of the player, the system identifies the winner, and thus, the ratio increases by 1:2.

If you’re lucky enough, then you can win a doubled bonus up to 150 times your original investment.

W88 Money Blast Key Concepts – Place your bet today!

Before starting with the real gameplay, learn and understand the key concepts of the W88 Money Blast game. 


  • Acceleration: Rockets can gain speed during the race with this key factor.
  • Meteor: This element reduces the speed of the rocket.
  • Lucky Star: It is a multiplier-based method for winning rockets. The digits 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20, 30 are held in the matching multiplier.
  • Star of Hope: As the name suggests, it is a star of hope in specific circumstances. The digits 2, 3, and 5 set up the matching multiplier. It is applicable on a single rocket only.

W88 Money Blast Game Odds


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One of the most entertaining games that gamblers find is the W88 Money Blast game. It has simple gameplay than sports betting or poker. You can play and earn huge jackpots and rewards on the W88 Money Blast game by knowing the basic rules, a few tips and tricks, and basic game strategy. This much is enough to get you through this amusing game. Start your game on W88 today and take loads of money home