How to play fantasy sports at W88 – Win ₹86,000 every month

Build your virtual dream team with real sports players. Learn how to play fantasy sports at W88 India & start making ₹86,000 every month. Fantasize & frame now!

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W88 India is ecstatic to introduce you to W88’s biggest creation: Fantasy sports! Let’s take a glance at W88 Fantasy sports working, prizes, events & more in this article.

Introduction to W88 Fantasy sports?

W88 Fantasy sports is an online digital niche where sports fans, particularly novices, congregate to compete against one another. If you join Fantasy sports, you’ll have to pick genuine gamers to put together your virtual squad.


The Fantasy squad will represent you in your selected game against the other team. This implies that your performance during the live match will be determined by the performance of your chosen players. There is a credit point system, and the team with the most points wins, based on their performance in the real game.

4 Features of W88 fantasy sports

W88 India wants you to know about the fun-tastic aspects of this excellent W88 Fantasy sports platform. Below are the 4 main features.


#1. Easy-to-use interface – The W88 Fantasy Sports platform is simple to use & user-friendly! It is so simple that even beginners will have no trouble getting started.

#2. Full of fun & thrill – If you join W88 Fantasy sports right now, you’ll not only have fun putting up your team and steering an immersive range of Fantasy sports games like football. cricket, DOTA 2, MMA, Formula 1, and many more.

#3. Fantasy big wins are real – This isn’t a dry run. W88 Fantasy sports has a lot of significant wins for its fantasy leaders! W88 has decided to give away ₹99,000,000 in the W88

#4. Weekly & monthly prize – Players may earn weekly to monthly rewards in addition to the quick and easy Fantasy sports platform! Yes, bonuses of up to ₹86,000 are available in addition to the daily prize for every game.

How to play fantasy sports at W88 in 3 steps

Are you fantasizing about building your favorite W88 Fantasy sports team right now? Make it come true by following the 3 steps given below.

Step 1: Log in to your W88 India official account

  • New to W88 India? Go to W88 Register and create an account to get started, then continue with the steps below.


  • Members who have already signed up can use their username and password to access their W88 account.
  • After successfully checking in, go to the menu bar and select the sports option.

Step 2: Pick Fantasy sports from the sports menu

  • W88 has a number of distinct sportsbook markets, each with a different set of sports to bet on.
  • Click on the W88 Fantasy Sports option.


  • Prepare yourself to have a good time! Begin assembling your dream squad once you’ve determined the sports and leagues you wish to wager on.
  • Let’s take the example of Football Premier League, the match between Crystal Palace vs Manchester City.


  • Now press the Play button to begin building your team.

Step 3: Create your fantasy squad at W88 Fantasy sports

  • Now you need to have basic knowledge of football teams & players to begin building your dream team.


  • Football games require 15 players: 5 midfielders, 5 defenders, 3 attackers, and 2 goalkeepers
  • Click on the + button & select a player from the left column to add them to the team.
  • Once all the players are placed you may join the tournament when the real match begins.
  • Remember to pick players wisely considering their past performance to win more.

W88 mega prize – Play & win ₹86,000 every month

W88 India is happy to present the record-breaking prize pool for Fantasy Premier League season-long event. The massive prize pool is guaranteed, which means you can get the whole or share of ₹99,000,000 regardless of how many teams compete.

Weekly Prize
1st prize₹ 17,000
2nd prize₹ 8,500
3rd prize₹ 4,250
Monthly Prize
1st prize₹ 86,000
2nd prize₹ 43,000
3rd prize₹ 12,750
The total prize pool is ₹ 99,000,000.
  • You may also get weekly & monthly prizes s shown in the table above.
  • The winner of weekly tournaments can get ₹17,000 & monthly prizes winner will be awarded a cash prize of ₹86,000.
  • Fantasy Premier League Season 21/22, with a guaranteed prize pool of ₹17,200,000 for 1st place, ₹8,600,000 for 2nd, and ₹5,160,000 for 3rd!
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W88 Fantasy Sports is similar to sports betting, which has stifled its popular expansion. There’s no doubt that the popularity of fantasy sports is increasing rapidly. This season, put your daily fantasy direction abilities to the ultimate test and make all those hours spent studying and playing free-to-play games monetarily useful. Join W88 India & build your dream team!