Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform at W88

Sports fans will be crazier and crazier to play as W88 launched its newest betting game: Fantasy! To know about the W88 Fantasy sports gaming platform, read on!

About the Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform

W88 India is excited to tell you about W88 sportsbook‘s latest creation: Fantasy! But before we go to the actual gaming, kindly know that this article would mostly talk about the Fantasy sports gaming platform first. Hopefully, Fantasy would be a series of articles, so tune in!

W88 Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform

How to Access Fantasy Sports Platform App

Fantasizing about Fantasy now? Don’t worry! W88indi got your back! Just follow these steps below to access the W88 Fantasy sports platform app!

Step 1: Head to W88 and log in

Of course, to be able to access the W88 Fantasy sports platform app, go to first! Then, log in to you W88 account. If you still have not signed up, W88 register now!

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Step 2: Select the Fantasy Sports Platform menu

Once you are at W88 already, you would easily see the Fantasy tab in the main menu bar. Click that to be redirected to the page.

Step 3: Game on, Fantasy!

Done with steps 1 and 2? Then you are good to go! Click Play Now and start betting on your favorite sports players, teams, and tournaments!

Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform at W88

How to Play W88 Fantasy 

Playing W88 Fantasy is just as easy as 1-2-3! As in, easy on both literally and figuratively! So how? Here it goes, W88 India would tell you now:

In continuation of the steps, arriving at the Fantasy page, you would see the button that says Play Now. Once you clicked that, you would be asked to enter a tournament of your liking.

Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform at W88

Then from there, you pick your own team. Since this is a Fantasy sports platform, you can mix and match players from different teams to make up your dream team! Yes, here in W88 Fantasy, that is how we roll!

After assembling your fantasized team, get ready to play on with others, and win both money and respect, woohoo!

Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform at W88

Fun-tastic Fantasy Sports Platform Features

Now that you know how to access and play Fantasy, W88 India wants you to know the fun-tastic (yes, fun and fantastic are combined here) features of this great W88 Fantasy sports platform. Already curious, huh? Keep scrolling!

1. User-Friendly Interface

W88 Fantasy sports platform is easy to navigate. Thus, user-friendly! The easy steps in how to access Fantasy, as well as the how to play Fantasy would appeal to that! 

Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform at W88

It is so simple to use, even beginners and newbies would not have a hard time going in and there. And because of this user-friendly interface, gamers would surely stay in the Fantasy sports platform app more.

2. Not a Drill: Fantasy Big Wins

Yup, yup! This is not a drill. W88 Fantasy definitely shares big wins for its dream managers! W88 opts to give away ₹86,000,000 in W88 Fantasy Premier League Season 20/21 with the first place bringing home a guaranteed ₹17,200,000; while ₹8,600,000 for the second; and ₹5,160,000 for third!

Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform at W88

If you join W88 Fantasy now, you would not just enjoy making up your team and navigating an immersive Fantasy sports platform, but you would also fancy your chances to get massive cash in your pocket! And as W88 says, join the record-breaking giveaway of W88 and win up to 1.72M INR!

3. W88 Fantasy Sports Platform Prizes

Aside from the quick and easy Fantasy sports platform, players can also win weekly to monthly prizes! Yes, not just the daily prize you get per game, but bonuses up to €1,000,000!

Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform at W88

W88 Fantasy’s total prize pool for its members includes a million euros. Imagine when converted to Indian Rupees? Almost 88 million INR! Yeah, yeah, Fantasy really does come true at W88, isn’t it!

Only Weakness of W88 Fantasy Sports Platform App

W88 offers Fantasy online for now, but hopefully, you could play this Fantasy sports platform app soon at W88 mobile, too!

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If you want to have a Fantasy sports platform app, keep on playing the game at W88!

Fantasize the W88 Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform Now!

Sad to say, you are already at the end of the article. But do not fret! This just means you can start fantasizing W88 Fantasy sports gaming platform for real now! No more waiting time, work on your dreams. So start betting and make your Fantasy come to life!

W88 register now and work on your dream by playing with us!

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