How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – Playing baccarat online

Play classic baccarat with a virtual dealer at W88! Yes, W88 virtual baccarat is available here, too. Game on to virtual baccarat and play baccarat online now!

3 steps to play Baccarat online – W88 Virtual Baccarat

Everyone knows this: W88 Live Casino baccarat is a fun, classic casino game that every gamer must try once (and even more) in their life! What more if the dealer is a cute virtual character? Available also, not just the live classic baccarat, play the W88 virtual baccarat online now!

Play Baccarat Online Access W88 Virtual Baccarat Here

Step 1: Go to W88 and log in

To bet on a newer W88 virtual baccarat, go to W88 and log in. Then head to the live casino menu. Following this first step would definitely lead you to play baccarat online and W88 gambling hard!

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

Step 2: Choose the W88 Virtual Baccarat

To enter virtual baccarat, go to the Live Casino tab and scroll down to W88 Virtual Dealer Baccarat. When you see an animated dealer, that is it. Because the casual, classic baccarat ones show the real people.

So yes, this is how you can distinguish the difference between W88 Baccarat so you can freely play baccarat online!

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

Step 3: Bet on W88 Virtual Baccarat

Once you saw the W88 Virtual Baccarat part in the Live Casino menu, click that Play Now button and you are good to game on! Playing baccarat, whether classic or virtual, is the best at W88! Try and see it for yourself!

Virtual baccarat in W88 is one of the most played in W88 India, so go and play baccarat online now!

The Difference between W88 Virtual Baccarat with other W88 Baccarat games

The classic W88 baccarat and W88 virtual baccarat are almost the same—gameplay, objectives, and rules. It’s just that the dealer in W88 Virtual Baccarat is animated or computer-generated and not on live or real person W88 English-speaking dealers.

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

Also, W88 virtual baccarat can be played with other W88 members. More similar to the W88 7-seater classic baccarat, the W88 virtual baccarat is also complex with side bets and bigger tables. Thus, better gaming. If you want to play baccarat online with more thrill, this is probably for you!

Playing baccarat online with other W88 members would give you a new environment—as if you are on the traditional setup but done online. Thus a new sight by seeing an animated dealer. Indeed, W88 virtual baccarat is perfect for players who want something new!

General rules of W88 Virtual Baccarat

Playing baccarat is simple, easy, and fun. Whether it is just classic baccarat or virtual baccarat, players just have to know its important elements in order to score a win. Read on to know how to play baccarat online for W88! 

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

W88 Virtual Baccarat Objectives

All baccarat games in W88—classic baccarat, 7-seater baccarat, virtual baccarat, or whatever baccarat game that is—have the same objectives: to get a hand of nine or at least closest to nine.

W88 Virtual Baccarat Hands

There are two hands in playing baccarat online or traditional: Banker and Player. But the Tie option also belongs in the main bets. This will be explained further later, so keep on reading!

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z
Player Wins!
How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z
Banker Wins!
How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z
Tie wins!

W88 Virtual Baccarat Cards

And like the objectives, all baccarat games from classic baccarat to 7-seater, and W88 virtual baccarat do not care about the card suits. All that matters are the face values. Meaning, a 2 of clubs is equal to 2. 3 of diamonds is to 3. 4 of spades to 4. And so on, and so forth.

Note that aces have a value of one. However, the 10s, Kings, Queens, and Jacks have zero value. Just remember these card rules and you would definitely learn how to play baccarat online already!

How to Compute W88 Virtual Baccarat 

To compute who wins, you just need to add the two cards. When the numbers added have reached the double digits, just drop the left digit.

Let us say you got 11, the value of that is 1 since we just need to drop the left digit. If you got 25, then you got 5. Playing baccarat is just easy, so you do not have to worry about this.

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

Additional examples… If the Banker cards ended up to 14. Meaning, banker values 4. If 21 for the Player hand, it is just actually 1. Even when your cards are higher than the other, it does not matter because the last digit is the basis of the W88 virtual baccarat scoreboard.

Third-Card Rule in W88 Baccarat

Classic baccarat games are always played with two cards. In some events, it adds another card. Also applying to W88 virtual baccarat though, each hand has a maximum of three cards only. 

Third-Card Rule for the Player

In order for the Player hand to get the third card, the Player’s sum value must be less than or equal to 5.

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

Third-Card Rule for the Banker

As for the banker to get the third card, these scenarios must be dealt with first:

  • If the Banker’s hand has a sum of 2 or less
  • If the Banker’s hand has a sum of 3 unless the third card is an 8
  • If the Banker’s hand has a sum of 4 and the Player’s third card is 0, 1, 8, or 4
  • If the Banker’s hand has a sum of 5 and the Player’s third card is 4, 5, 6, or 7
  • If the Banker’s hand has a sum of 6 and the Player’s third card is a 6 or 7

W88 Virtual Baccarat Betting Table

When playing baccarat online at W88, here are the things you need to know about the W88 virtual betting table. W88 gambling on W88 virtual baccarat is one of the best plays ever! Therefore, you would not regret it, not even a cent!

Main Bets

As said above, there are two hands when playing baccarat games. With W88 gambling to virtual baccarat games, players must place their bets depending on the hands that they prefer. The main hands are Banker and Player. But it also includes Tie even when the risk is just 8 to 1.

Side Bets

Here in W88 virtual baccarat, players can place other side bets, and not just the main bets. These W88 virtual baccarat side bets are additional chances of winning. It makes the game on fire more than the usual three options only.

Yes, side bets are such wonderful ways to level up W88 gambling! Know more about these side bets below:

Big and Small Bets

In W88 virtual baccarat, there are big and small bets, too. These refer to the total of the winning hand. Either of the hands, as long as with a total of 4, falls into small bets. As for the big bets, it refers to the winning hand with 5 to 6 value.

Big bets are said to have a ratio of 0.5 to 1 and 4.35% house edge. For small bets, it ratio between 1.5 is to 1 with a 5.27 house edge.

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

Perfect Pairs

There are also perfect pairs in W88 virtual baccarat. What are these? These are the first two cards dealt with the same rank. If cards are both 4 and the like, it must be the so-called perfect pair. Both hands are possible for this perfect pair, but with an 11 to 1 ratio risk. 

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z


Naturals, on the other hand, refers to the odds that are easy winners. In baccarat, like W88 virtual baccarat, if the Player or Banker receives a total of 8 or 9, it is known as natural.

If the natural appear to the Player, then the P.Natural bets win. If the natural appear to the Banker, then the B.Natural bets win.

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

How to Play W88 Virtual Baccarat

To play W88 virtual baccarat, players must place the bets first. Main bets, side bets, go on!

Once the time for placing bets is done, the virtual baccarat dealer would deal the cards. Remember, the main hand with the closest to 9 wins. From there, you can identify the side bets.

Here is an actual example of how to play W88 virtual baccarat.

How to play W88 Virtual Baccarat – For beginners from A to Z

Let us say the Banker’s first two cards are Ace and 3 and the Player’s cards are 9 and 5.

  • Banker: 1 + 3 = 4 
  • Player: 9 + 5 = 14

However, the third-card rule applies to both due to the rules. And now…

  • Banker: 4 + 3 = 7
  • Player: 4 + 5 = 9

Therefore, the winner is the Player because it reached 9. Thus, this falls under the big bets because its total is 9.

W88 Virtual Baccarat: Another Game to Bet On

Now that you read the W88 virtual baccarat, you must be excited to try and W88 gambling already! You do not just play W88 casino now, or 7-seater baccarat, but also the virtual baccarat! Same with others, but cuter because of the anime-cartoony dealer, you would totally enjoy playing baccarat online!

Want something new? Go for it! Play baccarat online at W88 India now!