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Online poker vs Live poker, which one is harder & which one is easier? Know 10 differences between them & play the best one. Get the answers from W88indi experts.

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 People are constantly looking for forms of entertainment online and one of the best forms of entertainment is that which can give you some extra cashback returns. Playing sports betting or casino games at online betting sites like W88 is such a form of entertainment where you can play by placing bets and get cashback payouts. However, if you are looking to earn more money while staying entertained instantly, then playing Poker is the best way to do so. Thus, here is a detailed explanation of the differences between Online poker vs Live poker that you should know before selecting a variation.

What is Online Poker?

Online poker is the poker game rooms that you find on online betting sites. These game rooms come with a live dealer and sometimes multiple tables. However, there are some things that you need to note when it comes to online poker game rooms like the legality of the site offering the game room and also the minimum betting amount offered in such game rooms.

online poker vs offline poker which one is easier w88indi experts

  • Online poker game rooms come with many benefits like bonuses, cashback offers, etc. that you can get. However, these require you to deposit money online beforehand so that you can play real-money poker games online.
  • In online poker game rooms, the gameplay strategies you can use is more flexible whereas however, each betting round is structured according to time limits. To get fun poker online casino game rooms you can create an account in the W88 Register.
  • So, online poker game rooms are more quick paced in nature where you can play more betting rounds and earn more by selecting low minimum betting stakes and also place bets according to how much your wallet can handle.

What is Live Poker?

Live Poker game rooms are also called as offline poker game rooms which can also be considered a social setting or get-together where people gather in a room to play poker live. So, if you want to play live poker legally then you have to visit a state that allows offline casinos and poker tables like Goa.

online poker vs offline poker which one is easier w88indi experts 10 differences

  • Live poker games are played with real people sitting around a poker table and so it offers limited seats. To add to this, live poker games are more expensive but the payout is usually received in huge amounts.
  • In Live poker games most of the things happen manually as here you require a dealer to deal cards and overlook the pot and rake of the game.
  • However, Live Poker games are also considered a form of family entertainment that can be played at parties, get-togethers etc, without placing real money bets.

Online poker vs live poker: Top 10 differences

To further understand the difference between online poker vs live poker, let us dive deeper and look at the 10 major differences of the variations so that you can decide which form of poker you are more comfortable with.

#1 Live poker has less tables than online poker

  • In online poker games, the number of people allowed to play on the same table is almost unlimited.
  • The most notable difference is that to play Live poker, you will have to visit a state in India where offline casinos are allowed like Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Whereas, Playing online poker on legal online betting sites like W88, Dafabet, 10CRIC, etc. are only allowed in India, where the legality comes from the online betting site owning a license provided by a legit foreign company.

#2 Online poker is faster in pace than live poker

  • When it comes to online poker games, it is faster compared to live poker. This means that you can play more rounds than in live poker game.
  • The speed of online poker games is almost 3 times more than that of live poker games and so, playing online poker could help you earn more in less time.
  • This is because online poker game rooms let you enjoy the games with a time limit, and so, each betting round takes place quickly. If you miss a betting round in online poker games, you have to wait for a new round to start.

online poker vs offline poker which one is easier w88indi experts select the best one#3 Live poker has fewer rounds than online poker

  • This can be taken into consideration with the above point, since online poker is more fast-paced than live poker games, you will get to play fewer rounds in a live poker scenario.
  • Although this means that you would not be able to win more payouts as you would in online poker game rooms, you could still use the live poker setting to spend less by playing fewer rounds.
  • However, the drawback is that sometimes in live poker game rooms, people end up spending more than they should since there are fewer rounds and they want to play more.

#4 Online poker lets you choose your difficulty level

  • When it comes to online poker game rooms, you can choose your difficulty level by selecting from different game rooms or variations.
  • In fact, you can even select your own minimum betting stake by choosing a game room that is friendly to your wallet.
  • Additionally, the difficulty levels in online poker game rooms are quite low because you do not have to use body-language Poker Strategies or techniques and can sit back and relax while playing the game online.
online poker vs offline poker differences which one is easier w88indi experts

Online Poker offers more variety

#5 Live poker has less variety than online poker

  • As you can see in the image above, you can get a variety of poker game rooms to select from including game rooms like 3 card poker, teen patti, etc. to play poker online.
  • However, this may not be the case for live poker rooms as here most of the time, you get to play only the classic poker game.
  • If you wish to get a variation in poker games when playing it live, then you will have to visit an authentic live casino in India which can be difficult since the country prohibits casino gaming houses.

#6 Online poker is harder than live poker

  • Online poker is much more difficult to play than live poker because here you cannot see the players you are playing against which is something that many live poker players use as a part of their strategy.
  • Besides this, in cases where online poker games are played against the dealer, then you already are playing with someone trained and skilled, making the game more difficult than the ones played live.
  • However, it is because of this difficulty that online poker players are sometimes considered to be the best as they have more access to online Poker Tips that they can use to win.

online poker vs offline poker which one is better w88indi experts#7 Live poker is more sociable than online poker

  • This obvious difference is perhaps the best way to tell the difference between online poker vs live poker, as live poker is more social in nature.
  • This is because you mix around with many people that come together to play poker games live. Whereas in online poker games, you rarely interact with anyone.
  • Although these days online casinos offer a live chat option in the game rooms online, not many online players make use of it and so, the only interaction online players have is with the online dealer, even in multi-table game rooms.

#8 Online poker is more convenient than live poker

  • Although online poker is not a social game, it is definitely more convenient than live poker games and this is because, with online poker games, you do not have to maintain any gambler’s demeanor.
  • When you do not maintain a gambler’s demeanor, you can spend most of the time strategizing or using betting systems without having to worry about being ‘caught’ using a strategy unlike in live poker games.
  • To add to this, what makes online poker games more convenient is that you can play poker anywhere at any time, and if you use online poker game rooms from sites like W88 Online Casino, then you can even get 24/7 live help no matter what time you play.

online poker vs offline poker w88indi experts#9 Rake-back in Live poker is higher than in Online poker

  • In live poker gaming rooms, the rake is removed manually that is the amount of money that goes to the host of the room from the pot is separated manually.
  • However, in online poker game rooms, the rakes are taken out automatically as there are many players playing in the game rooms.
  • That being said, since live game rooms cost more as they require more tables and services to their live customers, the rake amount is much higher in live poker rooms than in online casino game rooms.

#10 Online poker pays out faster than Live poker

  • Lastly, if you are looking to earn more in fewer rounds then you should go for online poker game rooms, but if you are ready to stake more and win big with more rounds then you should go for live poker.
  • Online casinos also offer you welcome bonus offers like the ones under the W88 Promotion section which is something that may be difficult to find in live poker rooms.
  • Besides this, claiming online casino bonuses is easier and cheaper for instance, paying ₹500 as the minimum betting amount in the game room would give you the chance to claim up to ₹12,000 bonus offer whereas, you will have to spend more than ₹500 in offline poker rooms to receive up to ₹12,000 as a payout.

Online poker vs live poker: which is better?

Now that you know the major 10 differences between online poker vs live poker, we hope that you can decide and choose the best poker variation for you to play and enjoy poker. That being said, it is also important that you keep certain things like the legality of poker or your bankroll limit in mind when decided which option to go with.

online poker vs offline poker which one is easier w88indi betting experts

In our opinion, we would recommend that you choose online poker over live poker as finding legal online casinos is much easier than finding legal live offline casinos. Even if there are offline casinos, you will have to travel to the place to get the authentic casino experience that online betting sites like W88 try their best to offer. Besides this, if you wish to play poker online with real players and interact with them, you can download the poker app from the official W88 website and get to experience authentic poker gameplays online from the comfort of your home.


With this, we conclude our comparison between Online Poker VS Live Poker and hope that the information provided here is enough to help you select what is best for you. Keeping these in mind it is important that you look for legal and safe poker game rooms, whether online or offline. Lastly, to win more you will need some poker strategies and so you can get many such poker strategies, tips, and tricks to win by surfing the W88indi website!

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