Online Poker vs Live Poker: Know advantages & disadvantages

Online Poker vs Live Poker: Know advantages & disadvantages in this detailed W88indi review. Join W88 & play Poker with dealers or real players across the globe!

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Poker gaming online is one of the most fun ways to spend time in online casinos like W88. But what about live pokers where you play in a real setting against real players? What makes one different from the other and which one provides you with a more fun time? Well, the answers to all these questions lie in this online poker vs live poker article, so read on!

online poker vs live poker advantages and disadvantages explained by w88indi

What is Online Poker explained

As the name suggests, Online Poker is poker played in an online setting which is on mobile or PC devices using an internet connection. This form of poker is widely used these days as here you get many variety of gaming products on top online casinos like W88. Online Poker comes with certain game rules and since they also have variety, these rules vary depending on the selected game room.

  • Online Poker is usually played against a live dealer in a game room with a live streaming service with multiple views.
  • Online Poker gameplay is timed where one round lasts for about 60 seconds.
  • There are online poker rooms that allow you to play in an online setting but against real players from across the globe.
  • Using the W88 Live Casino, you can get access to online poker game rooms where you can play against live dealers or P2P online poker game rooms where you can play against real players online for free or real money.

online poker vs live poker advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of playing Online Poker in India

Let us now look at the advantages of playing Online Poker in India. Poker games are fun when you have the chance to play the game anytime and anywhere and this is one of the major benefits that you can gain from playing online poker games on sites like W88 Poker.

  1. Online Poker provides more game rounds: Firstly, online poker provides you with more game rounds as the game rounds are timed. Plus, since it is you as an audience playing against the dealer, you just have to wait for your cards and the dealers’ card to be revealed providing you with more rounds per session.
  2. It is easier to access online poker game rooms: With access to the internet on portable devices like mobile phones, you can access and play poker games online from anywhere and anytime. This makes online poker more accessible in nature than live poker.
  3. Variety of game rooms for real money or free play: If you join online betting sites like W88, then you can play poker online games for real money or free games in the demo rooms. Moreover, there are many different kinds of gameplay you can try in different poker game rooms. Create an account in the W88 Register today to get the best poker game rooms.
  4. Apply strategies without giving yourself away: The basic gameplay of poker requires you to get a better ranking hand than your opponent but one of the important things is to make your opponent give up their cards by making them think you have a better hand rank. That being said, in online poker games, you can apply poker gaming strategies without worrying about being seen.
  5. Less spending more gaming with huge bonus offers: The most beneficial aspect of online betting sites and online poker game rooms is that they offer welcome bonus offers that you can use to game online. These online bonuses are usually given on your first deposit for new members so that they avoid overspending from their own pockets. For instance, W88 Promotion gives new members 150% up to ₹12,000 on casino products.
  6. Quick gaming sessions that are timed: As mentioned above, you get to game more rounds online as compared to offline, and this is all thanks to the fact that the gaming sessions are timed. Timed sessions ensure that things go on smoothly and at a quicker pace so, even if you join a game room mid-round, you have to wait only for a few seconds to play the game rather than waiting for a seat.

w88 online poker vs live poker advantages and disadvantages explained

Disadvantages of playing Online Poker in India

Although there are many advantages to playing online poker games, there are some disadvantages that come with playing online poker games. So, let us look at what disadvantages you will come across as an online poker player in India. Find legal online game rooms at W88 by making a W88 Register today.

  1. Have to look for legal websites: First and most importantly, you will have to look for legal online betting sites in India as gambling is not legal in the country. However, using betting sites online that are licensed by foreign authorities like W88 can help with this issue.
  2. Does not provide an authentic feeling: Playing poker games in an offline setting with real people around can obviously give you a different kind of feeling than in online settings and thus, online poker games do not provide customers with an authentic and thrilling experience.
  3. Sometimes, it may feel rigged: Online poker rooms often have live dealers who are professionally trained that you have to play against. Not only this but in online settings, the only access you have is the live stream which can be laggy. The overall feel itself sometimes could give you the feeling that the betting site is rigged. Apply these Poker Strategies to ensure more wins.

What is Live Poker explained

Let us now look into what Live Poker means and how different it is from Online Poker. In Live Poker, the term Live means in a real setting. So, Live Poker basically means Poker played in a real setting with real playing in physical casinos on physical tables. This gives the entire poker gameplay, an authentic feel as you are literally playing real-life poker.

online poker vs live poker explained in detail by w88indi

  • Authentic Live Poker is played in a physical setting without any online equipment. This means that you will have to visit a real casino to play Live Poker.
  • There is a dealer who overlooks the gameplay and does not participate in it. Thus, Live Poker games are played against the players.
  • Here you must apply your Poker Tips and strategies carefully as you can get caught bluffing. Besides here, depending on your gameplay, you can win jackpots or go home with nothing.
  • Overall, Live Poker games in India are difficult to find, but when you do you have to wait for a seat at the table as well as may have to pay for the seat depending on the table.

Advantages of Live Poker in India

Like Online Poker games, Live Poker also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us first look into what advantages you can get from playing Live Poker games in India. For this, it is important to conduct proper research on the casino you are playing live poker as such poker is usually not allowed in the country except for some places.

  1. Enjoy authentic poker gaming with real players: Being live where poker is played in a real setting, you get to game with real customers who visit the online casino in the physical setting. Thus, this provides you with experiences authentic poker gaming experience.
  2. Slow placed with thrilling game plays: Poker games are offline so, the pace of the game depends on how many players are playing on the table and other factors. This makes the entire gameplay slow-paced and also thrilling.
  3. Social setting with free drinks and vouchers: Another good part about offline poker is that you get free drinks or vouchers depending on which casino you go to especially if you purchase tickets or membership of the casino. Doing so also gives you an edge in finding appropriate tables whenever you wish. Check out W88club Poker for online clubs.
  4. Instant payouts and withdrawals are done offline: Since Poker is offline, you have to convert your cash to chips and when you are done with your gaming session, you instantly get to convert those winning chips into cash and get instant withdrawals. This makes Live Poker extremely beneficial as well as trustworthy.
  5. Overall, it is a fun setting for gamblers to connect: Lastly, live poker gets you to socialize around and make contact with other players. This makes this setting a fun place to be with like-minded people. Moreover, you can also adopt many poker strategies from different players by observing their live gameplay.

online poker vs live poker advantages and disadvantages explained

Disadvantages of Live Poker in India

Let us now move on to the Disadvantages you will face in India when it comes to Live Poker games. Live Poker has advantages but in countries like India knowing the disadvantages of these poker games is extremely important for gamblers. Know How to Play Poker Online to avoid Live Poker disadvantages.

  1. Finding legal poker spots can be difficult in India: Unlike Online Poker, finding Live Poker land-based casinos is extremely difficult in India as you will have to travel to a physical casino that is operating legally in the country. This would take time-consuming research and also a lot of money.
  2. Bluffing can give yourself away easily: Bluffing is one of the most important strategies used in Poker by players. So, if you do not do this well, you may give yourself away to other players. To add to this, you may be playing against professional players on the same table which would make you lose more than you intend to.
  3. Overall expensive with gaming and traveling costs: As it is given traveling to a land-based casino to play live poker games would literally mean that you would be planning a trip. So, the traveling, betting stakes, and the extreme unpredictability of who you will be playing against, all could lead to huge expenditures.

Which is better: Online Poker or Live Poker?

Now the question arises of which of the two is better, Online Poker or Live Poker. The answer to this would highly depend on what exactly you are looking for and what caters to your bankroll. If you are looking for quick gameplay then Online Poker is more suitable for you but if you are looking to get the James-Bond authentic poker experience then you should plan a trip to your nearest legal land-based casino. Find The Best Poker Online rooms at W88indi.

w88indi online poker vs live poker explained in detail

But if you want recommendations, then we suggest going for online poker games rather than a live poker game as these are easily available and would not require you to spend more than you must on gambling. In fact, online poker games are literally like gaming from your devices at anywhere time thus giving you the chance to experience gaming as a leisure activity. That being said, joining online betting sites like W88 would grant you access to other classic casino games like Poker which you can try out as well.


So, in this detailed Online Poker vs Live Poker article, we hope you have understood the differences based on the advantages and disadvantages, and that you find what you prefer without much effort. It is always important to consider what is more convenient to you and your bankroll as a player because in the end, you will be putting in your own money to experience poker games online or in a live setting responsibly.