Clash of titans: Man City vs PSG at UEFA Champions League

Manchester City vs. PSG takes advantage in UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals! To know more about the intense Man City vs PSG game, read on to this article!

The 1-2 highlights of Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City

Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City took 1-2 in their clash of the 1st leg of the UEFA Champions League Semi-finals at Parc de Princes in Paris.

Clash of titans: Man City vs PSG at UEFA Champions League

The battle of the two titans of European football, Manchester City vs. PSG did not disappoint viewers as both clubs showed why they are still in the Champions League. Man City vs PSG’s win was a remarkable one as they rallied in the second half to gain the advantage of the 1st leg of the semifinals.

Paris-Man City started the match with attacks on Man City’s defense. Neymar tried to score early at the 2-minute mark but the ball went straight to goalkeeper Ederson. PSG won a corner early and Neymar kicked the ball in. Neymar tried to convert the botched corner attempt into a goal but Ederson thwarted attempt. 

A few minutes earlier, Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City won another corner and this time, Angel Di Maria sent the ball to the penalty area. Di Maria connected with Marquinhos inside who scored with a header at the 15-minute mark. 

Paris-Man City won again a corner and Neymar did the honors. He connected with Leandro Paredes who just missed the target. If Paredes hit the target, Ederson won’t be able to stop it and would have increased PSG’s lead. Mitchel Bakker also had an attempt at the 33-minute mark but John Stones blocked it. 

Clash of titans: Man City vs PSG at UEFA Champions League

Man City, on the other hand, who trailed early in the match, tried everything to get back into the Manchester City vs. PSG game. 

Joao Cancelo delivered the ball to Bernardo Silva, who, attempted to equalize at the 20-minute mark, but goalkeeper Keylor Navas blocks the attack. Phil Foden stole the ball from Navas’ pass and quickly sent it to Riyad Mahrez for an attempt at the 31-minute mark but they cannot overcome PSG’s defense. 

Foden had another shot at the 41-minute mark but Navas saved it. The whistle blew and PSG still leads at the end of the first half, 1 – 0.

Man City vs PSG’s fortunes changed in the second half. A beautiful attempt by Kevin de Bruyne at the 60-minute mark missed the target by inches. Cancelo was then substituted by Zinchenko after the missed de Bruyne attempt. 

De Bruyne had another attempt and this time, he hit the bottom of the net and City equalized at the 64-minute mark. Manchester City vs. PSG finally took Man City to lead with a free-kick from Mahrez at the 71-minute mark.

Clash of titans: Man City vs PSG at UEFA Champions League

Paris-Man City’s wall of defense split and Mahrez capitalized. Foden attempted another one at the 74-minute mark but Navas caught it. Mahrez again had a look but missed wide. Foden wanted to put the nail in the coffin at the 87-minute mark but Navas refuses to concede another goal. 

Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City struggled all throughout the second half as PSG cannot find answers to City’s attacks.

Di Maria tried to score with a header at the 56-minute mark but missed terribly. Neymar ran out of fuel, on the other hand. And Kylian Mbappe was effectively neutralized by City’s defense. Adding insult to injury, PSG lost Idrissa Gueye for their 2nd leg as he was handed a red card. 

Gueye recklessly challenged Ilkay Gundogan and the referee had no other choice as Gundogan went down in pain. Manager Mauricio Pochettino tried to turn things around as he took out Di Maria and subbed in Danilo after Gueye was sent off. 

Paredes was also taken out and replaced by Ander Herrera a few minutes later. Four minutes of added time was given but PSG never recovered as the final whistle blew.

Clash of titans: Man City vs PSG at UEFA Champions League

Guardiola was satisfied by his team’s performance in this Man City vs PSG. He said, “Sometimes you need to be more relaxed and be ourselves. The first half is normal – you don’t want to lose the ball [so] you don’t play free.”

He added, “We changed a little in the way we press. We were passive [earlier on]. Then we were more aggressive. It’s not easy against Mbappe, Neymar, Di Maria.” 

Moreover, “Afterwards we found goals and could have scored another. I’m so satisfied with the performance but we’re only halfway. There are 90 more minutes. Anything can happen.” he claimed. 

Man City plays a win away for their first-ever UCL Final appearance. PSG on the other hand looks the claim their first UCL title after finishing as runners-up last season. The clash will be held at the Etihad Stadium. The winner of the match will face either Chelsea or Real Madrid at the UCL Final in Istanbul on May 29.

Clash of titans: Man City vs PSG at UEFA Champions League


  • Manchester City – 2
  •  Paris Saint-Germain – 1

The starting lineup: 

  • Manchester City: Ederson, Walker, Stones, Rúben Dias, Cancelo, Zinchenko, Bernardo Silva, Rodri, Gündogan, Mahrez, De Bruyne, Foden, Aké, Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, Agüero, Zinchenko, Steffen, Laporte, Torres, Mendy, Fernandinho, García, Trafford
  • Paris Saint-Germain: Navas, Florenzi, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Bakker, Gueye, Paredes, Herrera, Di María, Danilo, Neymar, Verratti, Mbappé, Kehrer, Icardi, Rafinha, Danilo, Rico, Kean, Sarabia, Kurzawa, Herrera, Diallo, Draxler, Dagba

Game highlights video:

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