Liverpool Snatches The Top Spot in Premier League Standings

Liverpool snatches the top spot in Premier League standings from Tottenham. Yes man, they did! To know more about this story, keep on reading this sports news!

The defending champions Liverpool nabs the top spot of the Premier League standings from Tottenham in a nail-biting battle at Anfield.

The battle for the top was a stalemate all-match long until the deadlock was broken as the game clock neared expiration. Robert Firmino sent a thunderous header past Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris at the 90-minute mark to seal away the victory and gain 3 points for Liverpool. 

Liverpool Snatches The Top Spot in Premier League Standings

Liverpool sent an early barrage of attacks to the Spurs’ defense and it resulted in a goal by Mohamed Salah at the 26-minute mark. Tottenham fought back and evened the score at the 33-minute mark as Son Heung-min sent the ball past Reds’ goalkeeper Alisson. The first half went on and ended in a draw at 1-1.

The second half saw a more intense action between the two squads as the Spurs launched relentless attacks on Liverpool. Steven Bergwijn had two scoring opportunities but ended unsuccessfully as the ball hit the post.

Harry Kane also had one chance at point-blank range but ended overshooting the net. The late rally by Liverpool that ended with Firmino’s goal sunk Tottenham into oblivion because there was no chance of evening the score as the final whistle blew.

Liverpool Snatches The Top Spot in Premier League Standings

Spurs’ manager Jose Mourinho regretted the missed opportunities of Bergwijn and Kane and ultimately, the additional three points his squad could’ve gotten if those attacks went in. This loss was Tottenham’s first loss in 12 games. Everton defeated Tottenham on the opening day of the Premier League season.

However, Mourinho felt that the match showed why his squad is one of the two squads in the Premier League, “I feel it was a very undeserved result, but that’s football. At half-time, we move the pieces a little bit, but overall, the game was always under control and I am very pleased with the performance.”

Liverpool Snatches The Top Spot in Premier League Standings

Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was happy at his squad’s performance, “It was just a really good game against a counter-attacking monster, the possession we had we did incredibly well. The best way to defend Tottenham is to keep the ball all the time.”

He also commented on the Spurs’ lone goal, “Yes, they have scored a goal and had two chances. Apart from that, we controlled the game and it is a massively deserved three points. I am happy. For me, it [the Spurs goal] is offside.

They watch it 20 times, but when I saw it, it is offside.” Klopp also shared his exchange with Mourinho after the final whistle blew, “Jose told me ‘the better team lost’. I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t.”

Liverpool Snatches The Top Spot in Premier League Standings

Liverpool looks to maintain its top spot as they visit Crystal Palace on Saturday, December 18 whereas Tottenham will try to make its way back to the top spot through a hosting duel against Leicester City on Sunday, December 19.

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