How to Play Sic Bo Online for Real Money – Beginners’ Guide

How to Play Sic Bo Online, Best Dice Game of 2024! Get Ultimate Beginners’ Guide by W88indi & earn a Real Money bonus up to ₹12,000 on 1st deposit at W88 India.

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Introduction to Sic Bo Online Casino Game

Sic Bo online is the most popular dice game in the online gambling world, there’s no other dice game that has been made to defeat it yet. Play sic bo online, a game involving 3 dice and multiple betting options for players to bet. Bet on as many betting options as you want and grab a chance to win real money.


W88 Official betting company has been conducting the live dealer and virtual dealer sic bo game legally in India. It welcomes new members with a free credit of ₹250 and a bonus of up to ₹12,000 on the first deposit. After claiming the promotions for new registers, learn how to play sic bo online within 3 minutes, know the rules, betting limit, betting option, betting time, and real money gameplay to understand better.

How to play Sic Bo Online for Real Money at W88 in 3 Steps

You can play Sic Bo online at W88 India for ₹20 and ₹1, depending on the amount of money you want to spend on online gambling. We are here to show you how to play sic bo online at W88 India with a live dealer for ₹20. You can play a virtual sic bo game with ₹1. Let’s learn 3 steps to play and earn cash.

Step 1: Register at W88 & Select Live Casino

  • Visit the official betting website of W88 in India via the official link given in the article above.
  • Click on ‘Join‘ to do W88 register for free within 3 minutes and grab a chance to earn free credit of ₹250. If you already have a W88 account, click on ‘Login‘ and enter your username and password to access the W88 products without any hindrance.


  • Select the ‘Live Casino‘ from the horizontal list of all the products present on the W88 official gambling website alongside Sports, Slots, Games, Lottery, P2P, Fishing, etc.

Step 2: Select Sic Bo Online by Club Palazzo

  • Once you select Live Casino, you will be redirected to a new page, where all the live casino games and providers are available to play and earn more real money within 10 seconds.
  • There’s a Search Bar in the right corner of the page, you can click on it and type ‘Sic Bo‘ to visit all the Sic Bo online games available for quick gameplay with a minimum betting limit.


  • W88 conducts two types of Sic Bo games, live and virtual, you can choose either as per your will. We are choosing the Live dealer Sic Bo game by Club Palazzo with a minimum bet limit of ₹20.

Note: Minimum betting limit of the Live dealer Sic Bo online casino game by Palazzo Club is ₹20 and the least betting stake of the Virtual dealer Sic Bo online game is just ₹1 at W88 live casino.

Step 3: Place your bet & Get the result to Win

  • Once you have selected the live casino game provider and Gameroom, you will be redirected to a page where a live dealer is conducting the Sic Bo online game for all the players at once.


  • Players get only 20 seconds to place a bet on given betting options in one round. You can skip as many rounds as you want, betting is not mandatory, and place the bets as per your will.
  • Select the chips & betting option you want to place your bets on and wait for the results of the 3 dice roll to be announced. Sum total of 3 dice numbers will help the casino determine the winner of the game. There are many betting options like small, big, any triple, pair, etc.
  • If you predicted the right sum of the numbers appearing on 3 dice, you will win the bet and get the money to take home. If you lose the bet, you will lose your wagered amount.

5 Points to Understand before playing Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo online is the simplest gambling game with multiple betting options and an affordable betting stake limit, yet you need to know some important points before playing the game. We are here to teach you everything about Sic Bo online. Play with ₹1 at W88 online and earn a W88 promotion of up to ₹12,000.

  1. Gameplay: Three dice in the inverted glass equipment are rolled with the help of smooth electric vibration and stopped. A Sum of three numbers is calculated to determine the winner of the sic bo online. The live dealer is responsible for the roll of 3 dice without touching the dice.
  2. Objective: Players have to predict whether the number will be small or big, players can also predict the nature of the 3 dice, whether there will be a pair, triplet, double, etc.
  3. Betting limit: If you want to play sic bo online with the live dealer, you will need a minimum of ₹20 to place a bet on one round. If you want to play sic bo online with a virtual dealer, you will require a minimum of ₹1. You can play a virtual game 20 times more than a live dealer with ₹20.
  4. Betting time: Players bet 20 seconds before the 3 dice start rolling in the glass equipment to place their bets. You don’t have to place a bet in every round, you can watch the game as long as you want. It’s not mandatory for you to place a bet if you don’t want to.
  5. Betting Options: There are many betting options in W88 sic bo online, you can place a bet whether a sum of 3 numbers will be small, or big, will there be a pair of a number, triplet, etc. Keep reading to learn more about sic bo betting options, their meanings, and payouts.

Sic Bo’s Betting Options & Payouts at W88 India


Betting Option



1. Small Bet


The Sum of numbers on 3 dice lies between 4 to 10
2. Big Bet


The Sum of numbers on 3 dice lies between 11 to 17
3. Number BetOne Dice


The specific chosen number will appear on 1 dice
Two Dice


The specific chosen number will appear on 2 dice
Three Dice


The specific chosen number will appear on 3 dice
4. Pair Bet


Bet on 15 possible pairs of two dice combinations, like, 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4, 4 and 5, etc.
5. Double Bet


2 dice will have the same value number on it.
6. Triple Bet


3 dice is a triplet, with the same specific number.
7. Any Triple


Bet on any triplet that might occur on the 3 dice.

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Real Money Gameplay Sample at W88

Well, we have been telling you to play sic bo online at W88 and earn real money. But the talk will be useless if we don’t show you doubling our money. So, here’s the real money gameplay example of playing and earning through Sic Bo online with minimum betting of ₹20 at W88 India.

Round 1: Place your bets on the possible outcome of the Sic Bo online dice

The live dealer will be sitting to conduct the Sic Bo online casino game for you. Select the chip equal to the amount of money you want to bet in and select the bet type from the betting option you want to bet in.


  • We chose to place a bet of ₹20, equal to the minimum betting limit at Sic Bo online in W88.
  • We selected the ‘BIG’ betting option to place the bet and wait for the dice to be rolled.

Round 2: Wait 10 seconds for the results & grab your winnings as per the result

Players get 20 seconds to place their bets on the Sic Bo Online Casino game. Once the bets are placed, the vibration in the equipment vibrates the dice in the inverted glass container. Whether you win the bet or lost is determined once the vibration is stopped and the dice reveal the number on them.


  • 3 Dice have revealed the numbers 4, 5 & 6; making a total of 15. If the total sum number is between 11-17 then the Big wins. Hence, we won the bet and got ₹40 in return as per the payout.


Hope our wholesome guide on how to play Sic bo online helped you the most it can. We have drafted this guide for absolute beginners to play Sic Bo online and earn a real deal of money with W88 India. Join and play sic bo online for ₹20 only. Grab a chance to earn a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹12,000 on a live casino on the first deposit. Don’t forget to grab the free credit of ₹250 in the beginning first.