How to Play Rock Paper Scissors Online at W88 with ₹10 Only

Know How to Play Rock Paper Scissors Online using a step-by-step Guide to win at W88. Learn rules & additional tricks to play with ₹10 + Get ₹250 Free Credit!

W88 Games Online  Rock Paper Scissors Game  W88 Free ₹250

Rock, Paper, Scissors has always been a fun game to play as kids because the joy of winning based on your gut instinct is totally fun. In fact, this game comes in handy even as adults as we can use this to win small verbal bets and sometimes even real money. Yes, you read that right, since you can earn money by learning how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors online on betting sites like W88 is definitely worth it!

Understanding the Rock Paper Scissors Game Online

The rock paper scissor game online is very similar to how it is played in real life, but here instead of playing against players you will be playing against the RNG system online. This is even more fun because the game is created in patterns which means that if you are good at observing the game then you will eventually learn to predict the RNG system to make accurate bets.


The rock paper scissors online game is simple to learn, where instead of throwing hand signs, you have to bet on the hand signs available in the betting table. That being said, the rules of any rock paper scissors game applies online too where:

  • Rock Wins Against Scissors because a rock can bend scissors.
  • Scissors Wins Against Paper because scissors cut papers.
  • Paper Wins Against Rock because a paper can cover a rock.

Additionally, if the system and you end up getting the same sign then the bet is considered to be tied where you can get half of the betting stake back.

Fun Fact: People tend to throw Rock more than the other two options in real-life rock-paper-scissor games because of the less hand movement required and under the pressure of making quick decisions, try it!

Play Rock Paper Scissors at W88 in 3 simple steps

Now let us look into how you can play rock paper scissors at W88, one of India’s top online betting site where you can experience endless fun for low betting amount. Here, you can play rock paper scissors online at one of the best online game rooms.

Step 1: Login at W88 and Enter Rock Paper Scissors Online Room

  • To access the W88 game rooms, you must first create an account in the W88 register by clicking on ‘Join‘, this is where you fill out the W88 registration form with precision.
  • Once this is done, you should go ahead and click on ‘Login‘ to complete the signup process at W88 successfully.


  • Next, you must visit one of the most amazing sections at W88 and that is the ‘Games‘ domain where you can get access to some of the most amazing game rooms you can find in the betting world online.
  • That being said, here, you have to find the ‘Rock Paper Scissors‘ game room. As you can see, one of the benefits of joining W88 is that you can try games online for free before playing for real money.
  • So, according to your preference you can click on either ‘Play Now‘ or ‘Try Now‘ and enter the W88 rock paper scissors game room.

Step 2: Set a Betting Limit, Preferably the Minimum Amount

  • Before you can access the W88 gaming room for rock paper scissors online, you will be given a table from which you have to select your preferred betting limit to play the game.
  • So, if you decide to play the game for real money, it is always better to start with the Minimum RM1/Maximum RM250 option.


  • Regardless, this option also appears during the trial versions so you can try out what if feels like to play rock paper scissors with the lowest and highest betting limit in the W88 game room.
  • Selecting the minimum betting limit here would give you a game room with players placing bets with the same betting limit you selected as yours.

Step 3: Rock, Papers, or Scissors? Bet on!

  • More than being guidelines, the third step in this tutorial is more like a fun thing every online gambler must definitely try once and that is placing your bets and playing the rock paper scissors game with the RNG system. And if you use some rock paper scissors tips then you can win by accurate predictions easily.


  • The RNG system is designed to randomize results based on many inputs, and this makes placing bets on the rock paper scissors games fun.
  • So the first thing you must do is select the amount you want to stake from the available chips on the game table. Then you have to click on the betting option you want to wager on followed by clicking on ‘Confirm‘ to lock your bets in the system.

Rock Paper Scissors real-money gameplay to win

Now let us take a look into a real money online rock paper scissors game play so that you understand the game online well. With this, rock paper scissors strategy gameplay, you can learn to place bets accurately in the W88 rock paper scissors game room and win almost every betting round.

ROUND 1: Place bets on your preferred betting option.

  • As mentioned above, the first round will begin with a 10 seconds timer and before this timer goes off, you must place your bets on any of your preferred options – rock, paper or scissors.
  • It is also important to note that you can place bets on more than one betting option in the W88 rock paper scissors game room.


  • Here we have decided to use RM1 chip to place a bet on the scissors option. This means that since scissors can beat paper, we will need the RNG system to give us a paper to win the bet!

ROUND 2: Wait for the timer to end to know the results

  • Once the 10 seconds timer goes off, the system will stop taking in any more bets and this is when the RNG system will begin predicting the next result.
  • It is also important to note that the rock paper scissors game online takes place very quickly which adds to the overall thrill of playing the game.


  •   As mentioned above, to win the bet on scissors, the RNG system has to stop at Paper, which is exactly what happened. Thus, this betting round ends with an RM2 win on our end!

3 important Rock Paper Scissors betting tips

Now that we have reached the end of the article on how to win rock paper scissors online, we will leave you with three additional betting tips that you must keep in mind before placing bets to win more.

  1. Opt for the site’s promotion deal: The rock paper scissors game room at W88 is definitely fun but this is something that can get addicting too. This is why you should verify your account and opt for the W88 promotion on new accounts which will give you the benefit of claiming ₹250 free bet on account verification.
  2. Use Previous Result Table to make accurate bets: Next, in the game room for Rock Paper Scissors, you probably will have noticed that the previous winning results are always recorded in large numbers on a table. This comes handy when trying to place bets at it makes predicting which betting round will win.
  3. Trust your gut instincts to place bets: Lastly, rock paper scissors is played for the thrills of trusting your gut instincts. The reason this game room has betting rounds which end quickly is because in real life, rock paper scissors is played without too much thinking, something which you should try at the W88 game room.


We this we hope that you have learnt how to play rock paper scissors online at W88 using one of the best and fun game rooms available in the betting world online. That being said, it is important to observe the game well before placing bets and the best way to do this is to access free rock paper scissors game rooms like the W88 game room. With this we wish you luck in mastering the rock paper scissors game online and bid adieu!