Best 5 IPL players in the Indian Premier League 2021

You are all welcome because IPL is back! What makes it better, W88 India listed as 5 of the best players in the 2021 season! Scroll now to get to know the cricketers!

Top 5 IPL Players – Indian Premier League 2021

Best 5 IPL players in the Indian Premier League 2021

The Indian Premier League is back! And because of that, W88 India would love to share with you the best five players to watch out for in this IPL 2021 tournament! Read on to see if your favorite cricketer is on the list!

1. KL Rahul

Best 5 IPL players in the Indian Premier League 2021

Kannur Lokesh Rahul, most popularly known as KL Rahul, is an Indian international cricketer who excels at being a right-handed batsman and a wicket-keeper. He is playing for the Karnataka cricket team, at the same time, Rahul is also the captain of Punjab Kings in the Indian Premier League.

Aside from other awards, Rahul won the Orange Cap in IPL 2020 for scoring the most runs—670 runs in total based on the 14 matches joined. Because of his exceptional cricket games, indeed, he is one of the best IPL players ever!

2. Shikhar Dhawan

Best 5 IPL players in the Indian Premier League 2021

One of the IPL players to look forward to playing this season is Shikar Dhawan! Dhawan is known as a multi-awarded footballer. He is a left-handed opening batsman and an occasional right-arm off-break bowler from Delhi Capitals.

One of Dhawan’s achievements was being the leading run-scorer for India during World Cup 2015. He is also known as the fastest Indian to reach ODI runs. So if he can stand out in the international arena, for sure, Dhawan would also do that this year too!

3. David Andrew Warner

Best 5 IPL players in the Indian Premier League 2021

Australian David Andrew Warner has been making a buzz in the IPL since 2009 as one of the best players of the decade and more. As an international left-handed opening batsman cricketer, no doubt, Warner is a great cricketer! 

Winning lots of awards on both domestic and global scenes—such as three-timer Orange Cap winner, 5000-run scorer, and more—the audience and cricket fans are already excited about how he will beat his records in IPL 2021 games.

4. Shreyas Santosh Iyer

Best 5 IPL players in the Indian Premier League 2021

One of the successful players you should know in IPL 2021 is Shreyas Santosh Iyer. He is an Indian international cricketer who captains Delhi Capitals. Yes, together with Dhawan, Iyer is considered the best in the tournaments.

Iyer is an amazing right-handed top-order batsman. He is the reason why his team was led to the IPL 2019 playoffs for the first time after seven drought years. Undeniable, indeed, he is one of the favorite players because of his impressive skills and respectable leadership at a young age.

5. Ishan Pranav Kumar Pandey Kishan

Best 5 IPL players in the Indian Premier League 2021

Last, and maybe one of the youngest in this list, but never the least: Ishan Kishan! Yes, Kishan is one of the players you should look forward to playing this IPL 2021.

Kishan is new to the eyes of the people, thus in the international field. He just debuts to the India cricket team last March 2021, but he has been known as a great left-handed opening batsman and wicket-keeper in India. Soaring higher and higher, we will see how he plays his game this IPL 2021.

Conclude – IPL 2021

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