10 Esports betting strategy hacks that work 99% of the time!

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Many players, especially beginners, avoid online betting strategies for esports betting since there is no proof. However, after years of wagering on local esports matches on the W88 betting site, our experts have finally concluded with 10 esports betting strategies that tend to work 99% of the time, with the 1% depending on luck. So, read to the very end to learn and find your best esports betting strategy.

esports betting strategy by experts to win big

1. Make use of a betting system on your bankroll

  • The first esports betting strategy that works most of the time is betting systems on your bankroll since if it is used effectively you gain instant profits after gaming sessions.
  • Betting systems can be progressive wherein you must change the betting stakes every time you bet by increasing or decreasing the units based on your wins or losses to earn instant profits.
  • Non-progressive betting systems are also famous and here you must maintain the same betting stakes throughout your gaming session to win over time profits in Sportsbooks.

2. Wager with a progressive ladder betting system

  • Progressive betting systems as one of your esports betting strategies are usually better when it comes to wagering with betting systems as they give you instant payouts. However, using low-budget systems like the ladder method is better as a progressive betting system.
  • The ladder system requires you to increase your betting stakes only on the bets you win. So, this way if you win a bet then increase the wager for the next bet, but if you lose the bet then use the same betting stake amount for the next bet.
  • The ladder method is great for wagering on the matches in leagues till you reach the finals as it maintains the thrills of betting while managing the bankroll amount as an effective esports betting strategy.

esports betting strategies by experts to win big

3. Use the D’Alembert method to gain instant profits

  • Another one of the best esports betting strategies progressive betting system that you can try in Esports Betting India is the D’Alembert method which helps you get instant profits at the end of gaming sessions.
  • For the D’Alembert method, you must increase your wager by one unit on lost bets and decrease your wager by one unit on winning bets.
  • This way, you get some of the lost stakes as part of the payout, and it is another helpful esports betting strategy to earn profits by betting on entire leagues.

4. Make use of sportsbook statistical charts

  • The fourth esports betting strategy requires you to utilize helpful sportsbook equipment like statistical charts, which are also easily available on the internet.
  • Statistical charts provide you with data on the previous scores of the teams so that you can easily know which betting option is more likely to win in the given match.
  • Moreover, you can even make accurate league final wins by looking at the data charts making this one of the most important esports betting strategies.

10 esports betting strategies by experts for beginners to win

5. Observe the teams’ score in Map 1 more

  • As one of your esports betting strategies, observation skills must be enhanced to make accurate predictions and you can do this by looking at how Map 1 plays out.
  • Map 1 gameplays for esports help you understand many things about the match including how the odds change and player movements, etc. all that which helps in making even more precise decisions.
  • So, as your esports betting strategy, we recommend watching the gameplay in Map 1 first and then wagering on the other maps more for accuracy.

6. Wager on lower betting odds for accurate wins

  • When it comes to esports strategy tricks for beginners, the most basic one they can use for more accurate wins is to wager on lower betting odds.
  • Lower odds are given to the options that are easier to win and since there are fewer odds to defy, winning is easy.
  • So, although you will win in a smaller amount it is best to win something in return rather than placing risky bets that have no win guarantee on higher odds.

10 esports betting strategies by experts to win big

7. Bet on the Esports matches whose rules you know

  • Another important esports strategy comes with understanding the game itself in the sportsbook. This requires you to know the nitty-gritty of the game that the teams are playing to make accurate betting decisions.
  • In other words, as one of your esports betting strategy hacks, wager only on matches from those esports tournaments that you are familiar with.
  • Esports strategy works well when you know the game, and most of the esports games are free to download and play, which can give you additional insights to make bets with accuracy.

8. Watch live streams to improve your predictions

  • As stated above, observations are the most important aspects of wagering in sports or any casino game. And so, one way to improve your observations, and thus prediction, skills is to watch live streams.
  • On streaming sites like Twitch or even the sportsbook you use you can come across many friendly or local matches that you can just watch instead of wagering with real money.
  • For such games, you can enhance your observation skills and application of esports betting strategy hacks by placing mental bets on the options to see whether you win or not mentally.

10 esports betting strategies by experts for beginners

9. Remember to keep up with Esports forecasts

  • Along with observing the live streams of various matches, one thing you will automatically be informed of is the esports forecasts before and after each match.
  • These include many aspects of the esports world such as player exchange, player retirement, player sponsors, player injuries, equipment updates, etc. all of which are small pieces of information that help as an effective esports betting strategy.
  • So, keep track of these forecasts that are usually given by commentators or in team forums as an esports strategy as it adds to making accurate betting decisions, especially when the odds are not too clear.

10. Apply for online sportsbook bonuses to wager

  • The last esports strategy may not be like the other esports betting strategy hack here but it does come in handy and that is to apply for any online sportsbook bonuses that you can use to wager.
  • Sportsbook bonuses are usually given as first deposit bonuses on new member accounts that come in handy to boost your account wallet and spend as little as you can from your own pockets.
  • This is why we recommend using the W88 website as here you get a W88 promotion on sportsbook products up to ₹15,000 on your first deposit.

esports betting strategies and tricks by experts to win big


These were the 10 Esports Betting Strategies that work 99% of the time according to our expert bettors. Using all of the esports betting strategy hacks requires baby steps till you start earning well online on almost every match. So, go ahead and create an account in the W88 register to claim the sportsbook W88 promotion bonus on your first deposit, and wager on your favorite teams with these Esports strategy hacks today!