W88 Slot Tips: Beginners’ Basic Guide to Online Slots Parts 

Before playing slot games, you must know the slots parts first. Powered by W88, these parts of the slots will be tackled in this article. To know more, read on!

W88 Slots: Fun, High-Paying, Online Slots

W88 Slots have been one of the convenient games on the website! Not just that, but it is the most evolved game in W88.

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W88 slots are video, online slots that are more favored for players because of its evolved slot parts! Before, with the classic slots, there are only three pay lines. And in order to win, players must align the identical symbols in the middle.

In W88 though, there are better ways on how to play the game. Plus, better ways on how to win! 

W88 Slot Tips: Beginners' Basic Guide to Online Slots Parts 

Compared to the classic, traditional slots, there are more pay lines in W88. And you can win even if the symbols are not in the middle. You can collect winning streaks by top, bottom, diagonal, and zigzag patterns, too!

To take W88 slots more, learn these slot parts deeper for a clearer and happier slot gaming!

W88 Slot Part To Know: Number of Pay Lines

One of the most important slot parts that you need to know: pay lines.

The players’ probability of winning in slots depends on the number of pay lines. With the classic slots where there are only three, odds seem lower than the video and online slots. And this is why you must understand this slot part. Because this determines your payout, too.

W88 slots have definitely a higher chance of winning in contrast to the traditional one because our video pay lines have different numerous variations other than three pay lines. W88 play line goes from 1 to 1024. Amazing, right!

The pay lines refer to the reel patterns of the slots that decide if you would score a winning spin—or not. Therefore, if a certain slot game has 30 pay lines, this gives the player the chance to win 30 times per spin.

W88 Slot Tips: Beginners' Basic Guide to Online Slots Parts 

With the 30 pay lines and 30 times of spin, a player must accumulate by getting at least one of the 30 pay lines to win. And what is amazing, in W88, it does not need to be a straight pay line to win.

W88 Slot Part To Know: Wild Symbols

Another W88 slot part that you must know, the wild symbols in the slot games!

W88 Slot Tips: Beginners' Basic Guide to Online Slots Parts 

While there are different wild symbols, with various shapes and customized images in every slot, these so-called wilds or wild symbols are basically just another symbol in the game. But in this W88 slot part that you must know, wild symbols are power symbols.

These wild symbols have a chance of scoring two identical symbols better in the pay line. Meaning, this important slot part is something that you should aim in the video slot to appear to be able to win higher and better.

W88 Slot Part To Know: Scatter Symbols

You know the wild symbols already, so now, the slot part you must know: the scatter symbols. These symbols appear on the screen automatically. 

Like a treat, there is no need for the scatter symbols to land on a specific pay line. As what its name says, these are just “scatter” symbols that just appear and fade, depending on your luck!

W88 Slot Tips: Beginners' Basic Guide to Online Slots Parts 

Scattered symbols vary throughout the game and vary per person. These symbols might appear on some, and they may not. Clearly, scatter symbols are for pure luck.

This slot part, scatter symbols that are usually by three give players coins, free spins, and bonus rounds. A specific location or sequence is not necessarily needed, as long as scatter symbols can be seen anywhere on the slot dashboard.

W88 Slot Part To Know: The Multiplier

The multiplier is another slot part you must know. This usually takes place after a player activates the scatter symbols. Depending on the W88 slot game, your prize can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, or even higher!

W88 Slot Tips: Beginners' Basic Guide to Online Slots Parts 

Depending on the slot game, multipliers can make your jackpot and winnings higher and higher than your current money. 

With multipliers making doubles and triples players’ total winnings, this is one of the W88 slot parts that you must look out for.

W88 Slot Part To Know: Betting Button 

And of course, the most important slot part you must know: the betting button! How can you win and place a bet if you do not know the betting button, right?

To place a bet, it is just easy! So in W88, there is no physical lever since it is an online slot. To “pull” the lever via video W88 slot games, the betting button is located on the lower part. 

There is a minimum to the maximum betting amount in W88. It can range from 0.5 to 100 coins. It may seem like coins, but it actually refers to the currency you are playing on. 

W88 Slot Tips: Beginners' Basic Guide to Online Slots Parts 

Keep in mind, too, that the higher bets you place, the higher the reward. Thus, the higher of chances to score the wild and scatter symbols. Plus, the multiplier.

Another slot part that you must know here, the autoplay betting and max bet button. 

With the autoplay button, the computer takes over the game continuously, you do not need to click anything. It’s like watching your game and just waiting for the gold. Woohoo!

As for the max bet button, it places your bet at the maximum that might give you the highest jackpot ever! Choose your advanced betting button or just the regular bet button—it all depends on you. 

Importance of Slot Parts in Betting

Truly, knowing the slot parts are important in order to win slots. You must determine, not just the amount you want to place, but also the pay lines you want. With this, you are deciding your luck through the wilds, scatters, and multipliers that might appear in your game. 

There are plenty of W88 slot games online. Register and have fun playing slot games now!

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